New research shows that the 5-a-Day rule about fruits and veggies might not be adequate to cut the risk of dying from heart disease. In fact, 8 servings a day may be more appropriate.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that the diet and lifestyles of over 300,000 people over 8 European countries were studied. Those who ate at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a 22% lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who ate 3 servings a day. They estimated that each additional serving of a fruit or vegetable per day was linked to a 4% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. One portion is about 80 grams, which would be roughly equivalent to a medium apple, a small carrot or small banana.

Since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, accounting for about 25% of all deaths, this is wise advice.

Medical Director at Reflections Center

Dr. Mitchell Chasin founded Reflections Center for skin & body as a place where physicians specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patients to feel their most beautiful. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.

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