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Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia

Comfort Calm is an alternative to general anesthesia that will give you a more relaxing experience during and after surgery.

Comfort Calm local anesthesia is a unique experience. You’ll be gently awake during your procedure, though many of our patients do doze in and out. We play soft, soothing music in the surgical suite, where you’ll be snuggled in a warm blanket and cozy socks. Our patients have told us this was a more relaxing experience than their last massage.

Comfort Calm Anesthesia Quick Facts

  • Increased safety
  • Affordable
  • Shortened recovery
  • No general anesthesia

Benefits of Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia

Here are the 5 pillars of Comfort Calm local anesthesia:


Much of the risk associated with any surgery is due to the inherent risks of general anesthesia. Comfort Calm local anesthesia allows us to remove those risks and provide our patients with a higher level of comfort and relaxation. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery center shields patients from the infection risks of ambulatory centers and hospital-based care while providing one-on-one nursing care, and personal attention from the surgeon before, during, and after your procedure. In fact, our surgeons make sure their patients receive their personal phone numbers and email addresses so nothing stands between the surgeon and patient during the recovery process.


Comfort Calm local anesthesia makes cosmetic surgery at Reflections an affordable experience for all. Without the added cost of general anesthesia, our patients are able to comfortably afford the precision and skill of the nation’s leading cosmetic surgeons.

Natural-Looking Results

When the body is paralyzed under general anesthesia, the muscles go limp, and this affects the responsiveness of muscles during the surgery. With Comfort Calm local anesthesia, your surgeon is able to view your results in real-time and with detail which is not possible when the muscles are unresponsive. This translates to a predictable outcome of beautiful, natural-looking results.

Shortened Recovery

With Comfort Calm local anesthesia, your recovery will be gentle, relaxing, and shorter than with general anesthesia. The medicines used during general anesthesia can be quite strong. If you’ve ever had surgery under general anesthesia before you might recall the brain fog and sluggishness that persists for many days following surgery. Oftentimes, patients also find themselves feeling nauseous due to these drugs, too. With Comfort Calm local anesthesia, your body can focus on adapting to the changes from the surgery, rather than detoxifying itself from strong medications and recuperating from the anesthesia’s effects.

No General Anesthesia

As you can see, general anesthesia doesn’t always provide the patient with the best results or the best experience. The team of cosmetic surgeons at Reflections is dedicated to providing our patients with the very best and for that reason, we offer Comfort Calm local anesthesia, the preferred alternative to general anesthesia.

Why Choose Reflections Center
For Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia?

At Reflections Center, we understand that your comfort level is an important part of your treatment plan during the procedure as well as for recovery after surgery. When considering a minimally invasive treatment plan for your specific concerns, Comfort Calm will give you a more comfortable, relaxing surgical experience while giving us a better technique to give you the best results possible.

Comfort Calm vs. General Anesthesia

At other plastic surgery offices or med spas, minimally invasive procedures often have to be performed under general anesthesia due to the restraints various practices have in their resources and knowledge. However, general anesthesia increases costs of the procedure, adds risks and side effects, requires more downtime, and doesn’t allow for a fully flexible procedure for the physician performing it.

On the contrary, Comfort Calm local anesthesia puts patients into an altered state of consciousness to a point where they will not feel any discomfort during procedures that involve small incisions, for example. This avoids the extra costs of the operating room and anesthesiologist while limiting the side effects and making recovery more comfortable. To learn more about when we can or recommend using Comfort Calm, schedule a consultation at Reflections Center today.

Dr. Mitchell Chasin is a Cosmetic & Laser Physician at Reflections Center. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.