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New Rapid Tattoo Removal Option Saves Time and Money

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Dr. Chasin was recently featured on the Today Show’s website, talking about the latest in laser tattoo removal – the new R20 protocol.  At Reflections, we’ve dubbed it RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal, and we’re very excited about how it’s getting the ink gone more quickly and saving our patients money to boot.

Laser tattoo removal treatments are usually spaced six to eight weeks apart to give the treatment area time to heal between sessions. Now recent research has shown that there’s a window of about 20 minutes after a traditional laser tattoo removal session where the skin can immediately accept another laser treatment without any increased risk of complications. This can be repeated up to four times, delivering ink clearance dramatically faster than following the traditional treat-and-wait-six-weeks approach.

For the RapidTat protocol, we perform a series of four tattoo removal treatment in a single office visit, delivering about six months worth of treatments in a single day.  Not only does this get your ink gone more quickly and save you from having to visit our office multiple times, it also saves you money, as we charge the three-treatment price for the four-treatment RapidTat session.  That’s a savings of 25%, as well as a ton of time for the patient.

We’re excited about the RapidTat Laser Tattoo Removal protocol and so far the patients who have opted for it have been quite happy as well.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact us for more information – we’re always happy to hear from you!