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Why Covid-19 is Increasing Tattoo Removal: Dr. Chasin on CBS News

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Dr. Chasin spoke on CBS news channel KCAL 9 about how the number of people seeking laser tattoo removal has exploded in recent months. This story was broadcast in both California and New York and featured Dr. Chasin’s explanation of why the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to this increase in demand for tattoo removal. With an estimated 30% of Americans having at least one tattoo, it’s no surprise that a good number of them eventually change their minds and opt for laser removal. At Reflections Center, this often means treatment using the PiQo4 laser.

Re-evaluating Cosmetic Goals Through Quarantine

Our appearances are reflections of who we are on the inside. Many people found that they changed significantly through the shutdown. Staying at home with their families also gave an opportunity to reflect on how they have changed through the years and to re-evaluate their appearance. Through this consideration, many people found that tattoos they got in the past no longer suited their personalities, values, or lifestyles. Tattoo removal offers a chance to express who you are now and let go of the past.

Budgeting for Tattoo Removal

Like other cosmetic procedures, tattoo removal can be costly. However, many people found extra room in their budgets thanks to saving on travel, commute, and entertainment expenses. Dr. Chasin explains that patients are “not spending [money] on trips, they’re not spending it on cars, they’re not buying new clothes to go out,” so they have more disposable income to budget for tattoo removal.

Stimulus checks also offered opportunities to spend in new ways. Once restrictions lifted, Reflections Center was busier than ever with patients interested in trying new procedures. Many of these patients chose to spend their stimulus checks on laser tattoo removal.

Using the PiQo4 Laser for Tattoo Removal

The KCAL9 story highlights the PiQo4 laser, one of our most powerful laser tattoo removal technologies. While tattoo removal once took hours to complete, the treatment can now be completed in minutes or even seconds. PiQo4 laser treatments also require fewer sessions overall compared to other tattoo removal devices. The duration of the treatment will vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo; tattoos with many colors of ink will require multiple treatment sessions to complete, as the machine must be set to different wavelengths to target each color. With this in mind, however, PiQo4 is unique in that it can remove any color tattoo and it is safe to use for any skin tone. The energy used is aggressive enough to break down any ink, however, the highly adjustable wavelengths make it safe and appropriate for a wide range of patients.

At Reflections Center, we utilize a number of laser technologies to meet our patients’ needs. Your tattoo removal treatment may include a combination of lasers, such as Fraxel or Ruby, in addition to PiQo4. During a consultation, your best options, as well as the estimated number of treatment sessions, can be explained in detail.