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Melasma After Lasers

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Well, I was at my breaking point with the condition of my skin because recently I was diagnosed with melasma, and I was devastated…”

It started like two years ago from 2016 or after, a little bit more than that, but then I was never told it’s melasma. So, long story short, I mean, I thought I had just pigmentation. I went for some laser therapy. You know, every year I tried to do different treatment and I was disappointed. I had to go to the dermatologist treatment, but instead of the condition getting better, it got worse.

And it felt at that point that my two cheek, it turned like a butterfly, dark like brown. And it was embarrassing because I had to go and find, you know, well, cover it, to cover it. I was very insecure about my look, about my face. And also, I was someone I never wear heavy makeup. I was like, always, I feel like I have so much in my face. And so, how I find out about your place that I was, as I say, I was in my turning point…

And when I came, and I met with Dr. Chasin, I mean, he offered the treatment that nobody ever offered for me before. You know what I mean? And he saw exactly the root cause, with all the lasers that I, you know, did it through the past few years that had made it worse. And he said, “Those are, you know, exactly what you are not supposed to do.” And, you know, I like his approach with the treatment that he offer, and I went through that. And after just the first treatment, just the first treatment, oh my God, I see the result right away…

Now, I'm comfortable with my skin. I can be out there, with just sunscreen, with no make-up on, and comfortable with myself. I don't need to worry about like the people will see it.”
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And as soon as I left, I was able to wear my sunscreen. I’m able to go to work. And it feels so good because I was like, “Wow, there is no downtime. It’s a magic.”

And then as I said, after the first treatment, like, it went like 50% off, like, my cheek, and my forehead and, you know, I had in my nose. It was, like, a mess. Sometimes, you know, I was disappointed. It was, like, I have the map of the world in my face. Everywhere I have, like, a island there. I had it all over my face. So, yeah, after the first treatment, I mean, it was amazing. It’s a magic. And that’s why I’m doing this because I’m sure there’s a lot of women that are out there in my situation. They’re desperate. Believe me, I cried. Believe me, I was, like, I needed anything that will find a treatment for me. I will go and I will… I’m so glad I found, you know, Reflections Center, and Dr. Chasin is excellent. And I recommend for everyone to come, and this is the result that I see.