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A Lesser Man Would’ve Taken My Money and Done a Treatment That Wouldn’t Have Worked for Me

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Dr. Chasin and his team were great... sincerely a very positive experience. I need to preface this with the fact I rarely write reviews unless truly impressed with integrity and honesty. ”

Stephen came to see us for a consultation to remove some stubborn belly fat. We were honest about what it would take to get rid of his stubborn belly fat.

My wife suggested I seek alternative fat reduction methods. She could not understand how after years of intense training I could not lose my belly. Initially, I considered Ultrashape and Coolsculpting. After researching them I understood they would not meet my needs. They are really for fine-tuning not a significant reduction of fat. I continued with Laser Lipo. I watched the videos of the procedure and the dramatic results. Also, looking at traditional invasive plastic surgery.

Dr. Chasin came up as an expert in the field, he has many other areas of expertise as well and is an actual surgeon. So, I arrived at the decision to go see him at Refections. Reading the reviews, I focused on the positive ones which are the far majority of them.

I arrived at Reflections, grant you, as a man in a foreign land, and was treated gently and respectfully. After a very frank consultation with Dr. Chasin, he sent me back into the wild with more health advice than anyone else to date. Dr. Chasin told me he could take away the exterior fat easily but that was not my main issue. He directed me back to my doctor to focus on nutrition and said that we would meet again if I could lose my visceral fat and that no amount of training would do it.

I take this as a personal challenge and I will return. A lesser man would have taken my money. And they do regularly in this arena. If they are more expensive than others. I say this …you get what you pay for and I respect my body too much to take chances just for money’s sake. I thank Dr. Chasin again and I will return without a second thought. Hope this helps someone. Be well.”

– Steve Lombardi

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