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Rise in tattoos means greater demand for laser tattoo removal

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Reflections Spa for Laser Tattoo Removal
Reflections Spa for Laser Tattoo Removal

Every year many Americans get tattoos to commemorate an event in their lives, show their love for someone or simply because they think it looks cool. According to Global Travel Industry News, tattoos are becoming more common, and an estimated 21 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have some sort of permanent ink on them, which is up from 14 percent in 2008.

While tattoos have become more common, many still view the body art in a negative light. For example, the news source stated that a poll by Harris Interactive found that at least two out of five people said that tattoos make individuals less attractive, while one-quarter said that people with tattoos are less intelligent, healthy or spiritual.

With this rise in tattoos comes something else – a rise in the number of people searching for laser tattoo removal.

Recently, The Huffington Post spoke to some individuals who have begun to regret the tattoos that they got years ago. While many individuals may believe that this regret is due to people thinking their ink is ugly or it reminds them of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, in reality, the economic recession has people re-thinking their tattoo.

“The recession and its accompanying workforce shrinkage may have caused some to rethink their tattoos. The prevailing thinking is: Why give a hiring boss any reason to reject you? No one wants to blow a job interview because of a snake crawling down their arm,” according to the news source.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, an estimated 17 percent of people with a tattoo have considered getting it removed. Luckily for these individuals, there are many options for laser tattoo removal, though some tattoos respond better than others.

“Tattoos can be removed, although results may vary depending on the inks used and the depth of the tattoo. Dark blue, red, some lighter blues and green inks all respond well to laser treatment, but the best candidates for tattoo removal are people with light skin who have a black ink tattoo,” according to the organization.

The Academy added that lasers may remove tattoos with the least amount of scarring. This is important, because while some individuals may want to remove their ink, they don’t want to replace it with a scar.