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Sixty-somethings are embracing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures

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Reflections for Botox injections.
Reflections for Botox injections.

Men and women in their 60s appear to be more accepting of procedures to make them look younger – such as Botox injections or laser skin rejuvenation – than in years past, possibly due to the availability of treatments that provide subtle results with minimal side effects.

An article in the Chicago Tribune explores this trend and spoke with some people who underwent these minimally invasive procedures for varying reasons.

One woman, a 66-year-old the news source nicknamed Arleen in order to protect her identity, reported that her facial injections and partial facelift have helped her retain confidence in the workplace, where she manages many younger employees.

“All of this has made a difference and I’m very satisfied with the results,” Arleen said, quoted by the news source. “It took five to seven years off, and when you’re working it’s important. I have younger people working under me, and I don’t want to look too old.”

The Tribune also spoke with a man in his 60s, who said that retirement spurred his decision to obtain a more youthful appearance.

“I was very busy before,” he said, quoted by the news source “but I noticed as I aged that my cheeks got a sunken look to them.”

Marc Karlan, M.D., otolaryngology professor at Northwestern University, told the news source that outside of the big cities, people prefer a more natural look, especially older individuals.

“The older my patient is, the more likely they lead with ‘I want to look better but I don’t want to look done.'” Karlan said, quoted by the news source. “They don’t want to look frozen. In the Midwest, people want to look like themselves.”

According to Spire Healthcare, there has been a 303 percent increase in the number of women in their 60s obtaining cosmetic procedures, and a 168 percent hike for men in the same age group.

The organization states that national statistics reveal that even people in their 70s are more interested now than in the past in cosmetic procedures, as there has been a 175 percent increase in men and 133 percent hike in women in this age group receiving elective surgery.

Spire Healthcare notes that individuals who are interested in even minimally invasive procedures – such as Botox injections or laser skin rejuvenation – should seek out an experienced, accredited facility or medical spa.