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Skincare technologies are emerging at the speed of light

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With all of the fancy gadgetry that we use these days, like iPhones and iPads, it should come as no surprise that technological advancements have also been made in the field of skincare. It seems that new procedures are literally being developed at the speed of light, and consumers now have a wealth of options, such as laser skin rejuvenation.

Lasers have proven to be effective for many purposes, from addressing sun-damaged skin to treating conditions like acne and rosacea.

Now, scientists from Tulane University in Louisiana are exploring electricity to see whether it can be as safe and useful in terms of improving the appearance of skin. For decades, physicians have used electrical devices to stimulate bone growth, reduce pain, adjust heartbeats and improve hearing.

“As dermatologists, we use electrical devices daily in our practices,” said Patricia K. Farris, a professor at Tulane. “Based on these proven medical capabilities, electricity is being studied in the cosmetic arena to further improve aging skin.”

In the meantime, patients who are looking to enhance their appearance can seek out laser skin rejuvenation, an established procedure that has met with a high level of satisfaction.