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SlimLipo for Knee Rejuvenation

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Liposuction can performed on virtually any part of the body.  From hips and thighs to arms and cankles, there is no limit to areas that can undergo fat removal. However, most people have never considered knee rejuvenation.

Knees can look aged and plump from weight gain and/or subsequent weight loss. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and does not bounce back to its original form as easily. Laser-assisted liposuction is an effective way to treat gnarly knees. At The Reflections Center for Skin & Body, we prefer to use SlimLipo for any of our patients’ laser-assisted liposuction needs.

With laser-assisted liposuction, a much smaller cannula is used than during traditional liposuction.  This allows for minimal scarring and less downtime, as well as more precise results. SlimLipo uses two separate wavelengths: one designated for melting fat and a second designed specifically for skin tightening.

Knee rejuvenation usually only require 1-2 days of downtime, although some patients may return to activities immediately following their procedure. The patient does not feel the SlimLipo during the treatment thanks to anesthetics. The patient will, however, feel pain equivalent to that of muscle strain after a rigorous workout following SlimLipo. Patients are usually required to wear a compression garment for 1-2 weeks following liposuction and may return to physical activity, such as running, soon after treatment.

If you are a New Jersey resident that is interested in knee rejuvenation, our knowledgeable staff at The Reflections Center for Skin & Body would be happy to address any of your concerns regarding SlimLipo.  It’s the bee’s knees, we promise!