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Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough

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Reflections Spa for smart lipo
Reflections Spa for smart lipo

When people think about liposuction, their first thought is probably removing fat from the stomach area. Of course, this isn’t the only part of the body where excess fat shows up, which is why more individuals are turning to laser lipo procedures, such as smart lipo, to get rid of unwanted fat wherever it pops up.

Recently, WWL TV, a Louisana news source, reported on safe and effective solutions for loose, wrinkled skin under the arms caused by fat and aging. While diet and exercise may be able to make a dent in this problem, for many women it’s not enough to get their arms looking the way they used to. According to the news source, this is where smart lipo and other laser procedures come in.

It’s not just a problem for older people

The information provider spoke to Megan Zander, a 25-year-old doctor’s assistant and Iraq veteran who, despite her young age and history of exercise, can’t seem to get rid of pesky arm fat.

“It’s the frustration behind being a very active person, being heavily into the gym, knowing how to workout right, eating properly and still not being able to get this area to go anywhere,” said Zander of her arms, quoted by the news source.

Dermatologist Patricia Farris told the information provider that she sees many young women with the same problem as Zander, even if they exercise and eat right.

Laser lipo can help

The news source spoke to dermatologists who recommended laser lipo procedures, such as smart lipo, as a simple solution to the problem of under arm fat. A recently released report by Global Industry Analysis on the the cosmetic procedure market in the U.S. and Europe projects that the market will grow tremendously by 2017, due in part to the overwhelming popularity of laser procedures, such as laser lipo.

Plastic surgeon Cynthia Mizgala told WWL that laser lipo leaves almost no scar, and the patient can return to work the next day. Also, the procedure can be done with the patient is awake, eliminating the need for anesthesia, which can have unpleasant side effects.

After undergoing smart lipo, individuals may want to get laser skin tightening to perfect their look. According to, this minimally invasive procedure can help people achieve younger-looking, smoother skin without surgery.