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Stars gear up for springtime with laser tattoo removal

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Reflections for laser tattoo removal.
Reflections for laser tattoo removal.

Some tattoos require multiple sessions to completely erase them, while others are zapped in minimal time. As a result, it’s a good idea to get laser tattoo removal during the winter months, especially if you like to show some skin once the sun comes out and temperatures rise.

After all, springtime represents new beginnings, and what better way to do so than by getting rid of body art that may remind you of something – or someone – that is no longer a part of your life?

This appears to be the mindset of some celebrities who have been cited in the news lately as saying that they’re in the process of having ink removed.

First, Mark Wahlberg told David Letterman that he’s getting some regretful tattoos erased – namely, a homemade “twisted” shamrock that has been covered with an image of Looney Tunes’ Sylvester the cat enjoying a Tweety Bird snack.

“The first tattoo I got, I was 12,” Wahlberg told Letterman. “We did it with Indian ink and sewing needles, and it was bad.”

The Departed star told the Late Show host that he’s already attended about 30 sessions to get about seven images removed, and he’s slated to get about five to seven more.

Actress Eva Longoria is reportedly having the remnants of her marriage to basketball star Tony Parker wiped out, according to TMZ. She has the word “nine” inked on the back of her neck, representing her now ex-husband’s number on the San Antonio Spurs.

British news sources report that singer Cheryl Cole is going about her divorce in a similar manner, having the scrips “Mrs. C” removed from the back of her neck.

“There’s no chance of her getting back with [ex-husband] Ashley [Cole] and she no longer wants the reminder of his cheating ways on her skin,” a source told the Daily Star.

Whether a laser tattoo removal patient is looking to forget about a rebellious youth or get over an ex, they should be sure to do their research first.

Individuals should have at least one consultation with a healthcare provider before making an appointment. Additionally, they should ask how often the physician performs laser tattoo removal, what kind of tools and equipment are used, post-treatment care, healing time and the number of sessions required to erase or fade a tattoo.