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The Beauty Paradox

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In our culture, women are brought up to be authentic and true to themselves. Meanwhile, the tabloids bombard us with images of picture-perfect celebs who seem to never age. The signals are certainly mixed and, on the surface, it has created a paradox – should you be true to your natural self or fight tooth and nail to hold on to your youth?

But if you look a little closer it actually makes sense.  We find that many of our patients really don’t care about how great Angelina looks in the celebrity weeklies – they simply want to look as good as they feel.

Most of our patients are healthy and vital women.  They exercise regularly and they eat well.  On the inside, they feel as good or better than they did when they were in their 20’s.  But over the years, sun exposure, gravity and Father Time have taken a toll on their exterior.  Aesthetics is simply a way to get the outside to look as youthful and energized as they feel inside. It’s not so much about what other people see, it’s about how satisfied the patient is with what they see in the mirror.  It’s about taking care of yourself and feeling good, both inside and out.

This is why we strive for natural looking results that make our patients look refreshed and vital, but also like the same woman who walked in the door before being treated.

After all, they aren’t trying to look like someone else or to meet anyone else’s standards – they are doing it for themselves.