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The Growing Popularity of Dimpleplasty

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Celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Mario Lopez are famous for their amazing dimples. Once only a trait of someone with good genetics, there is a growing trend in dimpleplasties among the plastic surgery industry.

Plastic surgeons are now able to perform a dimpleplasty that can create the illusion of genetic dimples. However, rather than only appearing while smiling, the man-made dimples will be visible at all times.

During a dimpleplasty, the plastic surgeon will make a small cut in the skin to create a small depression. To create the dimple indent, a stitch is used to hold the underside of the skin down to a deeper layer and to hold it in place. Over time, the dissolvable sutures are absorbed by the body, leaving behind beautiful dimples.

While dimpleplasties are growing in popularity, it is important to exercise caution when considering this procedure. Dimpleplasty is still fairly new and there are not long-time studies of the procedure results.  The aging face is another factor that may cause alterations to the augmented dimples as drooping skin could change its appearance. It is important to locate a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in dimpleplasty to perform your procedure.

While popular among women, a small percentage of men are currently seeking a similar procedure to achieve the appearance of a chin cleft.