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Turn back the clock with a Botox treatment for revitalized skin

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Beauty is generally considered to be subjective, but there are certain characteristics that everyone agrees on. One of these is a fresh, youthful face with clear skin. But how do you fight the aging process? After all, no one stays young forever. How do you turn back the hands of time?

Botox injections just might be the answer. This cosmetic procedure is among the most popular in the U.S. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox treatments were the most frequently performed, non-surgical technique in 2009. An estimated 2,557,068 injections were administered that year to men and women looking to regain the vitality and elasticity of youthful skin.

“Healthy skin gives you an age-defiant appearance,” explained dermatologist Abha Oshtory. “[They help] fight those wrinkles and frown lines. Cosmetic Botox [and] dermal fillers such as restylane for wrinkle reduction are among the most frequently requested procedures.”

These procedures are popular because they are safe, minimally invasive and effective.

Aging backwards may not be possible outside of a Hollywood movie, but looking younger can be as simple as talking to a skin care specialist at your local spa. Facilities such as Reflections Medical Spa in New Jersey can offer you the guidance you need to look as young as you feel.