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Vaser Liposuction

Imagine the toned, lean body of your dreams. With Vaser Liposuction, unwanted fat is a thing of the past.

Imagine the toned, lean body of your dreams. With Vaser Liposuction, unwanted fat is a thing of the past.

Vaser Liposuction is a special type of liposuction that makes use of ultrasonic sound waves to gently shake fat cells free from the mesh of fibers that hold them in place. We perform Vaser Lipo under local anesthesia. Our patients are relaxed and comfortably numb, but they don’t have the risks or bad after effects of general anesthesia (nausea and brain fog that can last weeks and really slow down your body from focusing on where we want it to – healing from your procedure).

Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction, often simply called “Vaser Lipo”, is a break-through liposuction technology that removes excess fat easily with minimal downtime and permanent results. With this cutting-edge technology, ultrasonic sound waves break apart fat cells for gentle, quick removal with minimally invasive micro-cannula technology, all performed under local anesthesia.

Vaser Liposuction Quick Facts

  • A gentler procedure
  • Preservation of the fibers that attach the fascia to skin
  • Not only does this make for a gentler procedure and easier recovery, but preserving the fascia-to-skin attachments helps with keeping skin tight and smooth after the procedure.

Most Common Uses for Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction offers a gentler liposuction technique, resulting in a safer treatment, easier recovery, and smoother, more naturally sculpted results. During this procedure, ultrasound waves soften and loosen the fat before it is removed. Some people equate it with shaking grapes free from a bunch or leaves falling from the branch. By treating the fat cells with ultrasound before using suction to remove them, we are able to leave the supporting structures intact under the skin (fibrous septae) which results in better skin tightening and a smoother result after the procedure.

Vaser Lipo is the only FDA-Approved ultrasonic liposuction system. Vaser Lipo can be used almost anywhere on the body to remove unwanted fat. It creates the best results for patients with small pockets of unwanted fat but can be used to sculpt a leaner silhouette for larger patients as well. Because of its gentler approach to removing fat cells, it is the liposuction treatment of choice for those desiring fat transfer to other parts of the body, such as buttock enhancement or Brazilian butt lift.

Belly Fat

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? It makes all of your clothes look better, including swimsuits, and it boosts your confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom. But losing weight from our midsections is hard work!

And sometimes, it just seems impossible. Vaser is a wonderful treatment for this problem area because once the fat cells have been suctioned out, they’re gone for good.

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Love Handles

What’s to love? Love handles are one of the most common treatment areas patients ask us about. For men, this is the #1 place extra fat goes first, and it’s stubborn fat that can be nearly impossible to lose. Vaser makes short work of this tough fat, for a lean look and fitter silhouette.

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Back Fat / Bra Rolls

The fat contained within these rolls tends to be bound in place by dense fibers. This makes it even harder for the body to access this fat for energy, making this problem area incredibly difficult to completely lose, even with a strict diet and exercise program. Liposuction of this area not only allows us to remove that excess fat, but we’re able to break apart some of the problematic creases in this area, for smoother skin, too.

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Arm Fat

Upper arm fat can be difficult to lose. It’s often hormonally-related in women over age 40, but can also be seen in younger patients with a genetic predisposition to heavier arms. Whatever the case, arm fat is best treated early and aggressively. The skin of our arms is thin and not well-suited to the excess weight, which is why we so often see stretch marks in this area. Removing the fat will help preserve the skin’s elasticity, which is important for preventing bat wings later in life.

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Thigh & Leg Fat

Inner thighs, like the arms, have some of the thinnest skin on the body. This thin skin is not as resilient, or elastic, meaning excess fat here can easily do permanent damage, creating cellulite, loose/excess skin, and stretch marks. Removing excess fat as early as possible is the best course of treatment for this area. In cases where fat removal alone will not create the desired result, we use internal and external lasers to stimulate collagen synthesis for additional tightening.

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Neck / Double Chin Liposuction

One of the advantages to using Vaser Liposuction for the neck and chin is that this style of liposuction is much gentler than some of the alternatives. The neck tends to swell and bruise, due to the high concentration of blood vessels in this area. So the gentler we can be during the treatment, the less swelling and bruising, which means less time wearing a compression garment (i.e. less time away from social activities and work, for most), and the less discomfort during the recovery process.

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How Does Vaser Liposuction Work?

Vaser Liposuction Treatment For Fat Reduction

During the Vaser procedure, a wand is used to deliver ultrasonic sound waves below the skin, to disrupt and loosen fat cells, making them more easily removed using a micro-cannula, a special type of small, blunt-tip tube. These destroyed fat cells are then suctioned out using a micro-cannula, a special type of small, blunt-tip tube. Using these gentle techniques, Vaser Lipo produces less swelling and bruising, which makes for a faster, more comfortable recovery.

The entire procedure usually takes between 2 and 3 hours, including the markings, medication, and recovery period. Afterward, a friend or loved one will pick you up and drive you home. You’ll spend the rest of that day relaxing, but you’ll be up and walking the same day of the procedure. Most patients have their treatment on a Thursday or Friday and are back to work on Monday or Tuesday. You can find more detailed info on the recovery process in the FAQs below.

  • Recovery & Downtime:2-4 days
  • Numbing:Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia
  • Cost:$3,500+ (see pricing chart), financing is available
  • Candidacy:Healthy adults with BMI Under 30
  • Duration:Takes around 3-5 hours total
  • Why We Love It:Amazing results without general anesthesia or long recovery

Pricing for Vaser at Our New Jersey Offices

The cost of Vaser lipo at our New Jersey offices depends upon the area(s) being treated and other variables specific to your anatomy and goals. The prices listed below are approximations only. Firm costs will be given at time of consultation.

Beware of other offices who list their prices “by area” but don’t tell you what they consider to be an area. You will often find that “waist”, “upper abdomen”, “lower abdomen”, “hips”, and “love handles” all qualify as separate areas and the total cost adds up quickly. Our practice tries to be as straight-forward as we can be about our pricing, but please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Treatment AreaPricing
Arms (Upper)$3,500 – 4,500
Bra Fat / Upper Back$3,500 – 5,000
Full Back$5,000 – 6,000
Inner Thighs$3,500 – 4,500
Outer Thighs$3,500 – 4,500
Inner & Outer Thighs$5,500 – 6,500
Chin & Neck$3,500 – 5,000
Abdomen (Belly – Upper & Lower)$5,000 – 6,000
Abdomen, Love Handles, & Lower Back$5,500 – 6,500

Why Choose Reflections Center For Vaser Liposuction

Our cosmetic physicians focus on creating the best results for the individual, with treatments that fit your lifestyle and budget. Vaser is a great option for eliminating excess fat, but its far from the only option at Reflections. As you’ll see in our alternative treatments section below, we invest in every technology that works, because we know there’s no one technology that works best for every body. Choosing Reflections means choosing doctors that care about sculpting the body you want, first and foremost.

Here are 3 ways our liposuction doctors are different than others:

Experience: We’ve been performing liposuction under local anesthesia for over a decade, and we have thousands of happy patients. This is a big part of what our liposuction doctors do every single week, and we think this is part of what makes us the best.

Advanced Training: Our liposuction doctors attend several trainings each year, often traveling internationally, so that they can learn from and collaborate with the world’s best liposuction surgeons. This helps our doctors learn the best techniques and keeps them up to date on emerging trends and technologies.

We put the patient first: We’ve built our entire liposuction experience around the patient. We built our own surgical suite with the emphasis on patient safety, comfort, and privacy. We have a TV available to those patients who desire watching during their procedure. We allow patients to pick the music played during the treatment. We also have a private exit that allows you to step right into a waiting car after your procedure. No detail has been spared to ensure patients enjoy their actual procedure, because we care so deeply about our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaser Liposuction

  • What does the numbing process look like?

    Since the Vaser Lipo procedure is gentle, patients are kept comfortable using only local anesthesia. This has several unique advantages:

    Safety: avoid the risks of general anesthesia during and after your procedure, as well as the infection risks of a hospital setting, with a comfortable experience in our private surgical suite.

    Results: patients who are under local anesthesia are able to move around, allowing our physicians to view and fine-tune your results from every angle – including standing.

    Easier and Faster Recovery: the numbing medication we use helps to constrict blood vessels in the treatment area, reducing bruising and blood loss – the two largest contributors to soreness following liposuction surgery.

    Reduced Cost and Fees: since the procedure is performed in-office, rather than a hospital or outpatient surgi-center– there’s no need to worry about hidden fees for the surgery center or anesthesiologist.

  • Am I a good candidate for vaser liposuction?

    The best candidates for Vaser Lipo have a BMI close to 30, which puts them in a healthy or overweight range. Those who are obese will typically be counseled to lose weight before surgery.
    Vaser does offer some skin tightening, with the best tightening effects seen in those with good skin quality – i.e. skin that’s not overly loose and doesn’t have stretch marks. Those with moderate skin quality will still see a benefit, but those with poor skin quality will often not be able to achieve their goals through liposuction alone. Often, people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have loose skin, or those who have had several pregnancies are not the best candidates for liposuction.

    Vsaer Lipo for Male Patient

  • Will vaser liposuction hurt? What kind of numbing or anesthesia is used?

    We perform Vaser Liposuction under local anesthesia with oral sedation (relaxing medication given by mouth). This means you are completely relaxed, but awake, throughout the procedure. We use numbing solutions to ensure you are comfortable and feel nothing more than touch or pressure throughout the procedure. We also offer several different options for relaxing medication, which the patient can help choose between, for a comfortable and easy procedure experience. Avoiding general anesthesia will not only help make your procedure safer, but it will also make your experience more comfortable. That’s because general anesthesia often induces nausea and other unpleasant symptoms following surgery. In addition, the local anesthesia we use helps to reduce blood loss during surgery, leaving you not only feeling stronger and better after surgery, but also reducing the bruising and trauma, which is a main source of pain and discomfort as well as prolonged healing times after liposuction, as well as complications.

  • What is an advantage of vaser liposuction over SmartLipo, Safe Lipo, Slim Lipo and other laser lipo options?

    Our practice has chosen to invest very heavily in the best liposuction platforms. We offer Vaser Lipo in addition to Smartlipo, SlimLipo, SAFE Lipo, and MicroAire Power-Assisted Lipo (PAL). We know there’s no one best tool for every job. Here’s one reason: all fat isn’t created equal. Read about this in our blog post about the different kinds of fat – fibrous, fluffy, firm (visceral), and cellulite. Lipo works on fluffy fat and fibrous fat, but as you can guess, one of these is pretty easy to remove and the other, not so much. Fibrous fat usually requires some extra considerations, including pre-treating the fat for easier and more comprehensive removal. Vaser is the treatment of choice for this type of fat. At Reflections, we usually use MicroAire Power-Assisted Liposuction after the ultrasound treatment by Vaser, for the perfect 1-2 punch to improve your shape. This device uses a proprietary vibratory motion to assist with removal of unwanted fat and is a favorite among many surgeons. If we’re harvesting fat for a fat transfer liposculpting procedure, like Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), we often prefer Vaser lipo. It does offer some of the gentlest fat harvesting, which helps more of the fat survive the transfer process. Each liposuction doctor on our team has their favorite tools and unique techniques, but in the end, it’s all about the results.

  • Is vaser lipo safe?

    Vaser Liposuction received FDA-Approved for its safety and efficacy in 2002. This means clinical studies have shown the procedure works, and is safe. It’s been shown to be safe for all body types and skin tones. There are some medical diseases and conditions, however, which may make you unsuitable for treatment with Vaser. However, in those situations, we can often offer an alternative, such as Coolsculpting or Sculpsure, to meet your fat reduction goals.

  • How many treatments will I need with vaser?

    Liposuction is as permanent and total of a solution for excess fat as you can get. What that means is, you should only need 1 treatment to achieve your goals, and the results will last for as long as you don’t gain a significant amount of weight. Of course, your goals should be realistic and based on what you and the doctor discuss as being possible, given your anatomy. Not everyone can achieve the 18″ waist of an Instagram starlet, but the vast majority of people we meet with are able to enjoy truly amazing results from liposuction. Remember that Liposuction is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.
    Vaser liposuction uses pulsated ultrasound technology to effectively remove liquefied fat from your body. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that offers shorter recovery with stunning and long-term results. It is performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation, which means you are relaxed and awake throughout your vaser liposuction procedure. Vaser liposuction is used to effectively break apart fat cells, which can then be removed with a micro cannula. The most commonly treated areas include the abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, arms, thighs, legs, chest, flanks, neck, and chin area. It can be used to remove up to 4 liters of subdermal fat. It’s important to note that vaser liposuction is not a weight loss program and cannot substitute a healthy lifestyle. You should discuss your goals with your surgeon and have realistic expectations so that your surgeon can determine what is achievable with the procedure depending on your anatomy. A majority of patients are fully satisfied with their vaser liposuction results and enjoy their slimmer and more toned appearance. Your session takes about an hour for each treatment area and could require longer depending on the area. Even though you will see your results within a week from your treatment, your body will continue to improve over the next 2 to 6 months. Since your results are permanent, you only need one vaser liposuction treatment to achieve your desired goals. Obviously, if you gain a significant amount of weight in the future, your results will be altered.

  • Does Vaser Lipo hurt?

    Vaser liposuction uses pulsated ultrasound technology and is efficient when it comes to removing the liquefied fat. The procedure is not too invasive and less expansive. Not only are vaser lipo results stunning, but the recovery is also shorter as well. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation and not general anesthesia, you remain completely relaxed and awake throughout the procedure. When you undergo a surgical procedure, the pain and discomfort usually are symptoms of the general anesthesia given for the procedure. Since local anesthesia is given for your vaser lipo surgery, it reduces the associated risks like nausea and discomfort. With local anesthesia, you will only feel a slight pressure or touch during the procedure. It also reduces blood loss, bruising and trauma, making you feel better and stronger. In addition to these, your healing time gets longer. When the recovery period is easy and devoid of complications, your vaser lipo results will also be stunning and long-lasting.

  • How much is vaser liposuction?

    Vaser lipo is a precision contouring treatment that uses state-of-the-art ultrasound energy. The procedure is designed for reshaping your body by reducing fat. The ultrasound energy delivered during the procedure works to dissolve fat, but also bounces off other structures like nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. This means that the surrounding tissue remain safe. The dissolved fat is then naturally eliminated from the body over time. It is a safe and predictable procedure which gives smooth results. Vaser lipo results are stunning with minimal downtime and discomfort. Your provider may use a local or topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort you may feel during the procedure. The cost of your vaser lipo procedure varies depending on the area of treatment. You can choose vaser lipo for treating various areas like the abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs. However, since a single area could mean the removal of varying amounts of fat, the amount of time required will be different too. In addition to the cost of the procedure itself, vaser lipo pricing also includes the cost of the operating facilities, anesthetists, nurses, and providers. Some vaser lipo centers also use a matrix with guidelines based on your skin type, fat volume, and precision rather than the number of treatment areas. You’ll receive a full estimate of your costs during a consultation with our cosmetic physicians. The quality of your vaser lipo results also depend on the quality of the post-operative care you receive, which includes follow up visits with your vaser lipo center. When you go for your liposuction consultation, you should take into consideration all of these factors.

  • How effective is Vaser Lipo?

    Vaser lipo is a procedure aimed to safely reduce fat with less invasive techniques than traditional liposuction. It is a breakthrough liposuction technique which removes the excessive fat effectively, giving you permanent results. Vaser ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasonic sound waves to break up the fat cells, which are then gently removed using a minimally-invasive microcannula. The surrounding tissue remains unharmed during this procedure. There are different kinds of fat that can be removed with vaser lipo, but they require different techniques. Fibrous fat requires a more comprehensive removal, which is why vaser lipo is the most effective way of getting rid of it. However, if you do not have good skin elasticity, this is not the best procedure for you. Vaser lipo can help contour your body by removing about 3 liters of liquefied fat with one treatment session. It’s important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure if you wish to retain the beautiful results you get from vaser lipo. You can get the procedure done on most parts of the body, and the costs depend upon the number of areas treated, among other factors.

  • How long does it take to see results from Vaser Lipo?

    Patients see a big improvement immediately following their procedure. But, over the 24-48 hours following surgery, the area will swell and these results may look distorted. By the end of the first week, these great results usually return, unless overexertion has caused additional swelling. Generally, any bruising is gone by one and a half to two weeks. By around one month, patients see the biggest changes and are generally ready to show off their results in more body-conscious clothing. However, results won’t be finalized until six months post-procedure when all of the swellings has truly resolved.

  • What are the side effects of vaser liposuction?

    The Vaser liposuction system is a revolutionary piece of technology that is making fat removal and body contouring simpler, safer, and easier. Though with every procedure there are some side effects associated. Your doctor at Reflections center will go over all of the possible side effects of Vaser Liposuction with you during your consultation appointment. Some of the most common side effects are bruising, swelling, redness, and inflammation. These side effects are temporary, typically resolving within a few days of the treatment. Our patients can be assured that Vaser Liposuction is safe because our team is full of highly-skilled individuals with immense experience and this technology is the only FDA-approved ultrasonic liposuction treatment. The Vaser Liposuction system can be used on many different areas of the body. The recovery period is quicker than traditional liposuction, most side effects are diminished within two-to-three days. Though side effects are possible they are typically better than traditional liposuction side effects.

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Dr. Mitchell Chasin is a Cosmetic & Laser Physician at Reflections Center. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.