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Bra Fat & Back Rolls

Bra fat and back rolls can make it difficult to feel confident in your skin.

Back Fat Treatment Options

In this video, Dr. Renata Wix-Harris, a cosmetic physician who specializes in body contouring procedures discusses specifically how to get rid of troublesome bra fat rolls – something many women find extremely hard to get rid of through diet and exercise alone (and why that is).


Not all back fat is in the form of bra rolls, though – and certainly not for men. We do treat fat on the back of all kinds, whether it’s rolls or not.

Bra fat and back rolls can be really annoying to deal with – especially because once fat is developed into a roll that persists, it’s going to be hard (if not impossible) for you to change that contour of your body through diet and exercise alone.

Treatment options for back fat and bra rolls can focus on just removing the fat or also include skin tightening, excess skin removal, and contour improvements.

Top Asked Questions About Bra Rolls & Back Fat

  • Can bras cause back rolls?
    Yes - bras that are too tight can cause the body to turn fat in the back into noticeable rolls that are there all the time, even long after you've taken the bra off. This can be frustrating because you want a bra that offers support, and yet you don't want to have rolls on your back. We can help you treat this area by removing the stubborn fat and encouraging the body to heal away that scar tissue using a variety of treatments.
  • How do you get rid of bra rolls?
    Bra rolls can be particularly difficult to get rid of because the fat has been scarred in place. The areas of skin at the edges of the rolls are tethered to the fascia below with scar tissue. This is often the body's response to having worn too-tight bras or clothes. This scar tissue can mean that even a very small amount of fat in the back creates a visible roll. To effectively get rid of bra rolls, we need to remove all of the fat and in some cases to also remodel the scar tissue that's involved.
  • Why is back fat so hard to lose?
    Some people are just genetically predisposed that this area is their stubborn problem area. Since we cannot spot-reduce with diet and exercise, it may make sense to consider a body contouring procedure to remove the excess fat in this area so that it is smaller permanently. CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Liposuction, & Laser Lipo can be good options for this. We provide all of these treatments performed by cosmetic physicians with decades of experience at our New Jersey MedSpas.

What Causes Back Fat?

Excess Fat on the Back

Excess fat on the body can be caused by our lifestyle choices or hormonal imbalances, medications, or diseases. Depending upon the cause, you may need to get your body into a healthier state in order for any fat loss to be able to be permanent. That’s why it’s helpful to see a physician for your consultation.

PCOS, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, and other more serious medical conditions might be part of the reason why you have stubborn back fat, especially if you’ve already been consistent with a diet and exercise routine for many months. If the back is your one problem spot, there’s a really good chance that a body contouring procedure can help eliminate that for you and create a permanent result.

Bra Rolls Are Scarred in Place & Made Worse By Loose Skin

Bra rolls form when the fat in the back becomes scarred into place or when the skin starts to sag and lose its elasticity (and often, removing fat alone in these instances will make the skin appear saggier, making the rolls more prominent).
In these cases, we want to not just remove the fat and treat any underlying medical issues, but to also encourage the body to release some of that scar tissue and to firm and tighten the skin (or remove the excess skin during a plastic surgery procedure).

Our Favorite Treatments For Removing Bra Rolls & Back Fat

  • Back Fat
  • If the issue is purely back fat, or you would be happy with a reduction in fat even if there were still some contours of roundness, then these treatments would likely be the ones our doctors would consider for you:

    CoolSculpting or SculpSure (Non-Surgical Downtime-Free Fat Removal)

    CoolSculpting and SculpSure each work to kill off excess fat cells. One uses heat and the other uses cold to do this. They are remarkably similar in terms of the total effect, cost, downtime (none), and treatment schedule (you’ll need at least two sessions, spaced at least six weeks apart).

    We offer both because the success for each individual very much depends upon which one’s applicator fits that body part the best. CoolSculpting is curved and tends to fit women better, while SculpSure is flat and tends to fit most men better – but each individual is different.

    Laser Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia

    Vaser, Smartlipo, SlimLipo, MicroAire PAL, and SAFE Lipo are all options for removing stubborn back fat. These procedures offer a dramatic result from a single procedure performed under local anesthesia in our private surgical suite.


    Traditional liposuction performed by our plastic surgeon under general anesthesia is the most transformative liposuction you can have.

  • Bra Rolls with Loose Skin or Scar Tissue Involved
  • If you have defined rolls on your back that remain visible long after you’ve taken a bra and any tight clothing off, or if your back fat has been heavy and weighing on the skin on your back for quite some time, then you likely won’t be happy with a procedure that only removes the fat and would instead want to have the scar tissue and skin treated as well.

    Smartlipo with PrecisionTX Skin Tightening Treatment

    Smartlipo is a form of laser lipo which is performed under local anesthesia in our private surgical suite in our Martinsville office as an outpatient procedure. PrecisionTX is an add-on skin tightening portion of the treatment that can be used to break apart scar tissue and use a laser treatment performed from underneath the skin to help tighten, firm, and strengthen the skin on the back.

    This procedure creates the best results for those with only mild to moderate skin laxity with no stretch marks. Younger and healthier patients tend to have a bigger, better response to laser rejuvenation procedures, including this one.


    A traditional liposuction performed by our plastic surgeon under general anesthesia is the most transformative liposuction you can have. In this case, extra care and different techniques are used to break up scar tissue and encourage the skin to retract. This procedure can be paired with a bra line lift, but on its own is not going to create a tremendous amount of skin tightening – though breaking up the scar tissue will be enough for some patients to achieve their goals.

    Back Lift (Bra Line Back Lift) or Upper Body Lift

    This surgery removes excess skin from the back of the body, addressing the area from the top of the butt to the top of the shoulders. The incision is placed along your bra line so that it is easier to camouflage in a swimsuit.


    This procedure is most appropriate for those who have undergone massive weight loss and whose skin is not likely to respond to skin tightening treatments. If you have stretch marks on your back, you are likely to fall into this category (regardless of the amount of weight you may have lost) as stretch marks indicate irreparable damage to the skin below.

    View More Bra Rolls / Back Fat Treatment Before & Afters

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Fat & Back Rolls

    • What causes back roll fat?

      Most often, back-roll fat is caused by excess fatty tissue. This fat is caused by excess weight or genetics, making it difficult to treat.

    • What is the procedure for back rolls?

      Liposuction and body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting or SculpSure are often the two best options for getting rid of back rolls.

    • Can I wear a bra after back liposuction?

      You should avoid wearing a bra for 1-2 weeks after your back liposuction procedure. This is because bras can irritate the incisions and delay healing.

    • How long does it take to lose back rolls?

      Losing back rolls through traditional diet and exercise is never a guarantee (and can take several months at a minimum). Some people simply hold fat in specific places and have much better results with targeted treatments such as liposuction or body sculpting.

    • Can you get rid of back rolls without surgery?

      Losing weight may be able to reduce back rolls, but if you’re already at a healthy weight, you may need other options. We offer non-surgical body sculpting for instances such as these.

    Why Choose Reflections For Your Procedure to Remove Back Fat or Bra Rolls

    Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine offers a comprehensive range of all of the best treatments for back fat, bra rolls, and loose back skin, provided by a team of some of the best doctors in New Jersey.

    You’ll Get the Honest Truth About Your Best Options

    At our office, you won’t have to wonder if any specific treatment is right for you because we have them all and we have experience with them all, so we’ll help you choose which one is right for you without the bias that comes from only having one option to offer.

    You’ll Start with a Free Consultation with a Doctor

    If you’re interested in liposuction, we recommend you start with a free consultation with Dr. Wix-Harris who can help guide you as to whether you’re a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure like laser lipo, need a more involved surgery with our plastic surgeon, or if you might be able to get away with a non-surgical option like CoolSculpting or SculpSure.

    If you know surgery is not an option for you, one of our other cosmetic physicians would be happy to walk you through the non-invasive options during your free consultation as well.


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