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I Never Look “Done” – People Have Commented, But They Can’t Put Their Finger On Exactly What It Is

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Now I no longer look like I am constantly frowning. ”

I have been very happy with Reflections Center and have had a few procedures done over the past several years.  The staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome and Dr. Chasin is fantastic.  

First, I had age spots removed.  While the laser didn’t eliminate every single spot, it was a drastic improvement.  After two weeks of darkened spots, they just fell off.  Unfortunately, the spots will not come off my hands, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Dr. Chasin tried several different lasers, and while it did lighten them, those spots aren’t going anywhere.  Next, when my daughter kept asking why I looked mad all the time, I got Botox on my forehead to ease the deep furrows between my eyebrows.  Now I no longer look like I am constantly frowning.  For the past year when I looked in the mirror, I was looking so tired, so my last procedure was to fill in the “tear troughs” and laugh lines.  Putting some volume back in my face makes me look  about 10 years younger and looking in the mirror is no longer depressing!

What I especially like is that I never look “done”.  Dr. Chasin has a good eye and a light hand.  People have commented lately that I’m looking good, but they can’t put their finger on exactly what it is.

By D.H.