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Botox Edison NJ

Conveniently located near Edison, NJ, Reflections Center offers the latest Med Spa procedures and boasts world-recognized physicians for the ultimate treatment.

Conveniently located near Edison, NJ, Reflections Center offers the latest Med Spa procedures and boasts world-recognized physicians for the ultimate treatment.

Botox is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation injectable that temporarily blocks the nerve signals in the muscles that lead to facial wrinkles and fine lines. Your results from Botox can last a few months after which you would require a touch-up treatment to maintain them. However, when you consider Botox, it is important that you choose highly trained physicians so that you get the results you desired and do not suffer from what is known as looking “frozen”.

If you are in Edison or the surrounding areas of New Jersey, you can book a consultation with the Reflections Center which has a nationwide reputation for natural results with Botox and dermal fillers. Our physicians are highly skilled and have extensive training in the use of Botox. We are one of the leading providers of Botox in the country, performing thousands of treatments each month and training other plastic surgeons and aestheticians on the correct usage of Botox and fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

Botox Alternative Injectable Fillers

Botox is a neuromodulator that temporarily blocks nerve signals; Xeomin and Dysport are two alternatives in the market that also offer effective and subtle results in suitable patients. We are equally experienced with these Botox alternatives and have been helping our clients achieve elimination of facial aging with Xeomin and Dysport. When injected by our experienced staff, you will get naturally refined results.

Only an expert physician can know the right amount of the injectable for each unique patient so that the fine line between ‘natural’ results and a ‘frozen’ appearance is not crossed. For those looking for a facial injectable in Edison, here are the Botox options you can choose from:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used for the correction of aging signs and asymmetry as well as to define your natural beauty. Physicians at Reflections Center have been using a unique approach of enhancing your natural beauty with dermal fillers to help you achieve rejuvenation that seems natural yet with striking changes. We are able to help our patients with such natural results due to the latest techniques and innovations constantly adopted at our center, like the cannula that ensures that the risks of bruising and pain are reduced. We have also been instrumental in ensuring other dermatologists and surgeons around the country are trained in using this innovative technology to help patients achieve their desired goals. Patients in Edison can benefit from these dermal fillers:

About Edison, NJ

Edison is a township in the Middlesex County of New Jersey. It is located in the New York Metropolitan area, lying along the Raritan Bayshore. The township is on the map for its involvement in sports with the private country club, Plainfield Country Club, which hosted the 1987 U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship and The Barclays golf tournament, the first PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoff event, both in 2011 and 2015. The oldest county park is located here, Roosevelt Park, which was established in 1917. You can also visit the Oak Tree Pond, another park that was the site of a minor battle of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Short Hills.