Dysport is another brand of the same neuromodulator protein in Botox that helps to relax away wrinkles.

If you’re looking for soft, natural results, Dysport® is a great treatment option. Dysport relaxes the overactive muscles that create wrinkles, allowing currently wrinkled skin to relax and smooth itself out, and preventing new wrinkles from forming. In the hands of our experienced physician injectors, Dysport offers some of the most natural-looking wrinkle relaxing results we’ve ever seen.

Don’t Freeze me – Dysport me!

What wrinkles can Dysport help me prevent?

Dysport is used to relax the overactive muscles that cause:

  • lines across the forehead
  • frown lines between the brows (11’s)
  • bunny lines from scrunching your nose
  • crow’s feet and lines around and under the eyes
  • overly gummy smile
  • smoker’s lip lines from pursing lips together
  • peach pit chin
  • square jaw from muscle clenching

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How does Dysport compare to Botox?

On a molecular level, Dysport is a slightly smaller molecule than Botox and offers less of a protein load than Botox. What does that mean for patients?

  • This shorter molecule allows Dysport to affect the muscles faster, creating a result in 2-3 days versus 5-7 with Botox. This also may mean your body metabolizes the Dysport a little faster.
  • Dysport works well for those that have become “resistant” or “allergic” to Botox. Rarely patients can develop antibodies against Botox, usually only after many repeated treatments. When this happens, Dysport is a great alternative.

How much does Dysport cost? Is it more or less than Botox?

Dysport and Botox units are not equivalent. So we have matched up the pricing to make the results from Dysport and Botox evenly priced. Dysport is $6.00 per unit, whereas Botox is $15.00 per unit. However, to get the equivalent effect, you’ll need 2.5x the number of Dysport units, making their total cost for a treatment exactly the same at our offices.

This price reflects not only the cost of the products but more importantly the skill and experience of our award-winning physician injectors. The majority of the result you see from any injectable cosmetic treatment is due to the injector’s skill. Think of it as a carpenter with his favorite tools. Doesn’t the carpenter’s eye and skill matter more than which screwdriver he uses? A skilled injector knows the nuance of creating lift, natural movement, and lasting results – in short, how to highlight and enhance your natural beauty.

Will Botox last longer than Dysport?

In our experience, both Botox and Dysport tend to last around 3-4 months.

With Reflections approach to wrinkle prevention you will look and feel years younger. We promise natural-looking results that you’ll love!