Patients often come to us with concerns about the appearance of their inner thighs. Generally fit, they are mystified that their inner thighs are beginning to sag. What can be done?

Inner thigh sagging can be the result of weight loss, muscle loss and/or aging. As we age, our muscle tone does tend to decrease unless we work very hard to maintain it. Skin on the legs, including the thighs, also will begin to lose tone with age. Further, if you have lost weight, the skin on the inner thighs may not “bounce back” as it did when you were younger.

Hip adduction machines and pulley machines at your gym or fitness club can be used specifically to increase the muscle mass on the inner thighs. Fitness trainers advise that you perform more reps with lower weights rather than applying a great deal of weight with fewer repetitions. Just be sure that you don’t struggle too much with three repetitions in a row; if so, lower the weight, but not so low that you have absolutely no fatigue by the third set of 10 repetitions. Pilates is also known to strengthen the inner thighs.

For many of our patients from New Jersey, laser liposuction is an excellent solution, either as an alternative to the above workout or in addition to it. Laser liposuction can remove the areas of inner-thigh fat while helping tighten the skin in that area. Performed under local anesthesia, laser lipo comes with a very short downtime, making it easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

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