SculpSure NJSculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment that melts stubborn fat. Just 25 minutes to see a new you!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure LivingstonImagine an effective fat reduction treatment that fits into your lunch break – one that only takes 25 minutes – that’s comfortable and easy. Imagine feeling great about your body, without having to take time and focus away from your work or family, and without rearranging your schedule. SculpSure can help you get into the best shape of your life, without surgery!

  • no downtime
  • no needles or surgery
  • affordable package pricing with financing available
  • 25 minutes total treatment time
  • up to 4 areas per treatment (each “area” is about the size of an iphone5)
  • Lose up to 24% of unwanted fat in areas treated1*
  • Fat melts away over 12 weeks following your treatment session1*

SculpSure is the newest and fastest non-invasive treatment FDA-cleared for lasting fat reduction. It works by targeting fat cells with a heated laser technology. Once the fat cells have been damaged, your body metabolizes and clear them away naturally1*. SculpSure is non-invasive – meaning no needles or incisions – and is so comfortable you won’t even need to numb! This technology is really the future of fat loss, and we’re proud to be the first office in the world to be able to provide patients with such a safe, quick, and effective treatment.


Spend Your Life in A Body That Makes You Happy!

Feeling self-conscious about stubborn problem areas of excess fat can wreak havoc on your confidence, and really detract from your ability to fully enjoy your life. Whether it’s baby weight that’s hard to shake, love handles that you really don’t love, or a specific problem area you just can’t seem to make a dent in, losing the fat that makes you self-conscious can help you feel like you again.

Reflections is proud to bring our patients the very best new technologies and techniques for fat reduction.

Loving the body you’re in is about how you feel and what makes you comfortable. Many of our patients tell us they want something safe, easy, and quick that helps them solve the problem of stubborn fat pockets that they just can’t seem to lose. We think SculpSure is a great option for just that.

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How SculpSure Works

There isn’t any need for numbing or aftercare, so the treatment fits into even the busiest schedules quite easily.

SculpSure harnesses the power of a 1060nm hyperthermic (warming) laser for non-invasive lipolysis (fat reduction)1*. Treatment panels are applied directly to problem areas using a comfortable support belt. During the procedure, SculpSure’s laser treatment panels alternate between warming and cooling phases. During the warming periods, the laser is working to transmit energy below the surface and target fat cells, without causing any change to the surface level skin. This particular wavelength of laser is ideal for targeting fat cells, in that it provides the highest absorption rate by fat cells of all laser wavelengths, and yet is not absorbed at all by the skin cells – meaning the laser travels through all skin types equally well, without any concern of damage, and targets only the fat cells, with amazing precision1*.

During a SculpSure treatment, panels are comfortably attached to the areas to be treated. There is no suction, and the panels are hands-free. SculpSure’s treatment panels deliver hot and cold treatment cycles for 25 minutes1*.

This specific laser technology was developed for use in SculpSure because of the safety inherent in its ability to single out fat cells in it’s treatment1*. This new application for laser therapy was discovered by the brilliant Dr. Rox Anderson, a researcher who has dedicated his life’s work to developing light therapies for medical use. He’s the genius behind Laser Hair Removal, Coolsculpting, and Fraxel Laser.

Alternatives to SculpSure

At Reflections, our goal is to pair the right patient with the right procedure and the right provider, to maximize results. There are a lot of fat reduction technologies on the market these days, and it can be a bit overwhelming. We keep our fingers on the pulse of new technologies, but we are careful to do our own research about efficacy and safety. Reflections is proud to offer patients a wide range of the most effective new technologies, which allows our physicians to plan the perfect treatment for your body contouring goals.

One of the biggest names in non-invasive fat reduction is CoolSculpting. SculpSure provides a few advantages over Coolsculpting in that we can treat a wider variety of problem areas, we can treat those areas simultaneously (which dramatically cuts down on treatment time), and there’s no suction (so there’s absolutely no chance of bruising).

Liposonix is another non-invasive fat reduction technology, which uses targeted ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in a single treatment. Liposonix takes slightly longer for treatment times than SculpSure and has been known to cause discomfort in some patients. Exilis is another non-invasive fat reduction treatment for small amounts of fat, which has the added benefit of skin tightening, but requires multiple sessions for best results. None of these technologies are the standout “best” for fat reduction – they all have their own best uses and ideal candidates, and produce slightly different results. That’s why we offer our patients every single effective technology available – we are committed to giving our patients the very best treatment option for their body and their goals. Your consultation will include discussion of all of the relevant technologies, and which ones make the most sense for your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for SculpSure?

SculpSure works well for a wider range of patients than previous technologies. The ideal candidate:

  • Doesn’t have significant loose skin in the treatment areas
  • Has a BMI of 30 or lower – this particular technology works best for those with only pockets of stubborn fat. There are other options, like Laser Liposuction, for those with more significant fat reduction needs.
  • Doesn’t have significant loose skin in the treatment areas

What is SculpSure treatment like?

Sculpsure works by transmitting warming energy through pads which are attached to the treatment areas. During the treatment, you’ll be able to relax and watch TV, take a nap, or even get some work done out of the office. The treatment will take approximately 25 minutes.

What is the downtime after treatment?

There is no downtime with SculpSure. SculpSure is so gentle, there isn’t even any numbing. After the treatment, you can feel free to get right back to your normal schedule, including work and exercise. Unlike with previous technologies, SculpSure has no risk of bruising, meaning no one will ever know you’ve had a treatment.

When will I see results from a SculpSure treatment?

SculpSure’s thermal technology targets fat cells and damages them, prompting your body to remove these cells through natural metabolism cycles. You will start to notice fat is diminishing around 4-6 weeks, with a full result between 8-12 weeks1*.

Will I need multiple treatments of SculpSure?

Patients will see a reduction in fat after the first session; full results are seen around 12 weeks after treatment. Patients will have the option to do more treatments, for further fat reduction. Each treatment will offer up to 25% reduction in fat for the area treated1*. SculpSure is not intended as a replacement for healthy diet and exercise, but it does help you reach your goals faster and easier than ever before.

What is the cost of SculpSure?

Current pricing is $375 per panel, with a 2 panel minimum (so $750-$1500, depending on how many panels. Each panel is the approximately the size of an iphone5, and up to 4 panels can be used per 25-minute treatment). Exact quotes based on your goals and treatment options will be given during your complimentary consultation.

Reflections offers multiple financing options. Click here for more information.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure is the right treatment for those who are struggling with stubborn fatty areas on their body, but they are not willing to undergo an invasive procedure such as liposuction. SculpSure can help reduce up to 25 percent of the fatty tissue with just one single treatment session. The SculpSure laser liposuction treatment is highly customizable and it uses a laser to get you safer results. There aren’t many known side effects of the procedure other than tenderness and redness in the treatment area. You are not exposed to any complications, there are no risks of an infection, no incisions and hence, no scars from the SculpSure treatment.
SculpSure laser liposuction is an in-office treatment that will only take about 25 minutes to complete and give you permanent results. Usually, there is no requirement of a follow-up treatment and you can get the procedure done during your lunch hour from work. You can get treatment in four different body areas in one appointment. Since the SculpSure treatment destroys the fat cells, your results will last for many years. Within 6 to 8 weeks, as your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, you will see stunning results with a well-contoured body. It also helps to rebuild the collagen an elastin in your skin which results in tightening and elimination of any sagging.

How much does SculpSure cost?

SculpSure is the first ever laser treatment approved by the FDA for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen and flanks. Patients who are looking to eliminate stubborn fat in these areas can benefit from this controlled, light-based technology. The procedure only takes about 25 minutes for completion, meaning you can fit it into your lunch hour. There is no surgery, needles, or downtime involved in the SculpSure procedure. Up to 4 areas can be treated per session with a loss of up to 24 percent of fat from these areas. The fat in these areas will melt away and be eliminated by the natural process of your body in the next 12 weeks, giving you natural SculpSure results.

During your treatment, panels are attached to the treatment areas and no suction is required. These panels deliver alternative hot and cold treatment cycles for the next 25 minutes of your session. There’s no discomfort or bruising from the treatment which means you can return to your schedule immediately afterwards. Since the damaged fat cells are removed naturally through your body’s metabolism, you will see the first signs of fat reduction in about 4 to 6 weeks. Your full SculpSure results can be realized in 8 to 12 weeks.

SculpSure’s cost is about $375 per panel; usually 2 panels are used for treating at least 2 different areas of your body. This means that your SculpSure cost is about $750 to $1500, depending on the number of panels being used. Within your 25-minute treatment session, a total of 4 panels can be used to help reduce fat from 4 different areas. However, since it is dependent on your requirements, we can give you a full estimate of your costs during a consultation with our cosmetic physicians.

How many SculpSure treatments are needed

SculpSure has become popular as a safe and proven contouring treatment that can give you the toned body you always desired. Usually, it’s recommended that you undergo 1 to 3 sessions every 6 weeks to see optimal Sculpsure results. Your results can usually be seen after 6 weeks with continued improvements over the weeks and months after treatment. It is important that you maintain your weight in order to maintain your SculpSure results.

Currently, you can undergo SculpSure treatments for the lower abdomen and flanks, but it can be used anywhere on the body, including the chin. Your SculpSure provider can use up to 4 laser applicators at one time, and the technique will last for around 25 minutes. This means that more than one area can be treated in your one-hour session and the procedure boasts a 90 percent success rate.

After SculpSure, the dead fat cells are absorbed into your immune system, and most patients see about 24 percent reduction in fat. However, it’s important to understand that undergoing two SculpSure treatment sessions does not mean twice the amount of reduction in fat, but simply that you will see the 24 percent reduction in fat spread over these two sessions. Some people may see more fat reduction than the 24 percent. Depending on your cosmetic goals, you may require more than one session to see significant improvement.

Does SculpSure hurt?

SculpSure is the first ever laser treatment that has been approved by the FDA for non-invasive lipolysis of your flanks and abdomen. This is a controlled, light-based technology that has been benefitting patients who wish to get rid of stubborn fat. Up to 4 areas can be treated in a single session which lasts for about 25 minutes. During your procedure, you can lose up to 24 percent of fat from these areas.
You can undergo a treatment with our SculpSure experts during your lunch hour and return right back to your normal routine afterwards. There are no needles, surgery, or downtime involved with SculpSure treatment. In fact, the controlled light is transmitted as a warming energy to the area. You can watch TV or take a nap during your treatment, since most patients find it very relaxing and comfortable. Additionally, there is no bruising from SculpSure, meaning you don’t need to worry about covering up after treatment. The damaged fat cells are removed naturally by your body over the next 12 weeks as you see your beautiful results gradually emerge. You can opt for further fat reduction with additional treatment sessions.
SculpSure is a gentle procedure and most patients only report slight discomfort. However, it is said to be less painful than even CoolSculpting, which is easily tolerated by most patients. Everybody tolerates pain differently though, which is why SculpSure includes a feature which cools your skin as the treatment continues. The laser continues to alternate between warming and cooling to maintain your comfort level, ensuring that SculpSure is painless for you.

How effective is SculpSure?

Sculpsure is a body contouring procedure meant to help those who are struggling with stubborn fatty areas on their body but who do not wish to undergo a procedure as invasive as liposuction. Just a single session of SculpSure can reduce up to 25 percent of fatty tissue in the targeted area. Another reason why the procedure has become so popular is that it is highly customizable. There are no incisions, scars, risks of infections, or complications from the SculpSure treatment.
It is an in-office procedure that takes only about 25 minutes to complete. You can have it done during your lunch hour and return to your routine immediately afterwards. Your SculpSure results are permanent and most people do not require a follow-up treatment. The targeted fat cells are destroyed permanently, and you will see your SculpSure results in about 6 to 8 weeks as the body naturally gets rid of them. Once our cosmetic physicians have evaluated your body, they can treat 4 areas during a single appointment to offer you a well-contoured body. In addition to fat loss, this is one procedure that will also give you skin tightening. This happens because the laser heat promotes the natural growth of collagen and elastin in your skin. As you see your results emerge, you will also see a natural tightening of the skin, giving you beautifully-defined contours in the areas where you were struggling with fatty deposits.
Depending on the area that is targeted during your treatment, 1 to 4 applicators may be used; your SculpSure cost varies and you can expect your cost to be about $1400 for the 4-applicator session. It is proven to be the most effective non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

What Areas Can Be Treated with SculpSure?

One of the newest non-invasive body contouring procedures is that of SculpSure. The Sculpsure procedure is quick, taking less than half an hour. During the treatments, the body starts to eliminate the fat cells naturally to give amazing, natural results. Many patients start to see results within six weeks of the treatment plan. The design is great for precise treatment in areas like the chin and neck. The SculpSure treatment is very versatile and can be used on multiple areas of the body.

    • Neck
    • Chin
    • Back
    • Stomach
    • Hips
    • Thighs
    • Arms
    • Knees
    • Belo the Buttocks (banana roll)

Most anywhere on the body where there is excess fat can be treated with SculpSure. Even fat that bulges from a bra can be treated with SculpSure. Many studies have shown that, on average, almost a quarter of fat cells can be destroyed in the treatment area. The team at Reflections Center have been specially trained in SculpSure and body contouring procedures to help give patients the best results and improved confidence in themselves.

What Are the Side Effects of SculpSure?

After treatment with SculpSure, you may experience side-effects like redness, swelling, soreness, bruising, and uncharacteristic firmness at the treatment areas. In general, these side-effects subside quickly.

Be transformed with SculpSure

Our goal at Reflections is to leave you not just looking better, but feeling better too. With Reflections’ expert fat reduction treatments, you’ll experience a sense of increased self-esteem, feel rejuvenated, and be transformed both inside and out.

1. FDA 501K clearance for SculpSure

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