Freeze the fat away with new and improved CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage!

CoolSculpting changed the fat loss game forever 5 years ago when it received FDA approval for it’s safe and effective fat freezing technology. Our offices were among the first in the country to offer CoolSculpting when it came out, and we’ve loved the results we saw from the start, but the new and improved CoolSculpting 2.0 system, which includes CoolAdvantage sculpting technology, makes this treatment even more effective!

In the past, the areas that could be treated with CoolSculpting were mostly limited to the belly and love handles, but newly-redesigned applicators allow us to treat all sorts of places on the body the inner and outer thighs, the bra area, the arms, the neck, and more! And new treatment protocols allow us to get results that are more amazing than ever1,2!

Best CoolSculpting Treatments

Our practice has upgraded to the NEW! CoolSculpting Cool Advantage, what we like to call “CoolSculpting 2.0”. This new way of CoolSculpting uses the same cryolyposis technology that makes CoolSculpting so effective at freezing away unwanted fat. But the new treatment applicators now treat a larger amount of tissue, are more comfortable, and have shorter treatment times.

CoolSculpting uses advanced cooling technology to target and eliminate fat cells through a controlled cooling process called cryolipolysis1,2. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved and totally non-invasive body contouring procedure that reduces fat in targeted areas of your body, providing noticeable and natural looking results. It requires no needles, no surgery and no downtime.1,2


Results happen over time with CoolSculpting, as the cooling crystallizes the fat cells and marks them for removal through the body’s natural metabolic process, the same way that fat from food is eliminated1,2.

Many patients opt for multiple CoolSculpting treatment cycles during their visit to achieve an even greater fat reduction. Most patients see noticeable results within two months after treatment as the body safely removes the fat in the targeted area.

Freeze Away Belly Fat with CoolCore Advantage

Remove stomach fat with coolsculpting
CoolCore Advantage CoolSculpting for Belly FatThis is our most popular treatment request, and the CoolCore Advantage applicator allows us to treat more tissue in less time, with a more comfortable treatment than ever before! CoolCore works to remove stubborn belly fat of the upper and lower abdomen.

Eliminate Love Handles and Muffin Top with CoolCurve+ Advantage

Love Handle Removal with CoolSculpting
CoolCurve+ CoolSculpting Love Handles Muffin Top Flanks Love handles and muffin top (often called “flanks” by doctors) are easily targeted by this specially curved CoolSculpting handpiece. This CoolSculpting Advantage treatment makes it possible to treat a larger area, with a shorter treatment time of 35 minutes.

Ditch the Double Chin and Neck Sag with CoolMini by CoolSculpting

CoolMini Chin Fat Removal Treatment
CoolMini CoolSculpting for armpit fat, double chin, and kneesNew studies show CoolMini not only removes fat from the neck, but also tightens loose skin. This unique handpiece is perfect for the smallest treatment areas – double chin, knees, and armpit fat. Click here to learn more about CoolMini.

Create a Thigh Gap with CoolFit Advantage

CoolSculpting for Inner Thigh Fat
CoolFitAdvantage CoolSculpting Inner ThighFinally, a nonsurgical fat freezing treatment to tackle the inner thigh! This specially fitted applicator allows CoolSculpting to effectively freeze away unwanted fat at the top of the inner thigh.

Tackle Bellies that Spill over Your Pants CoolCurve Advantage Plus

Coolsculpting for male belly fat
CoolCurveAdvantagePlus CoolSculpting Large Rolls of FatThe largest applicator, this Curved treatment is perfect for larger rolls of fat. It easily suctions in large volumes of fat, for effective treatment of a large area.

Debulk Large Areas of Fat on Stomach with CoolCore Advantage Plus

Belly Fat Removal with CoolSculpting
CoolCoreAdantage Plus CoolSculpting for Large StomachThis applicator is great for debulking – freezing away large areas of fat, before sculpting with other, smaller CoolSculpting applicators. This 45-minute treatment is ideal for patients with upper and lower abdomen, who will appreciate the larger treatment zones this applicator achieves.

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CoolSculpting Cost in New Jersey

Each cycle of CoolSculpting costs $750 – 1500. Most patients will have 1-3 cycles per treatment day, and best results are seen when 2 or more of these treatment days are spaced 4-12 weeks apart (ideal time between retreatments varies by treatment area).
Treatments packages can be purchased at a discounted rate the day of your consultation. In this case, a 25% discount is given on the second and all future treatments to the same area. We offer this discount because we know patients are happiest after at least 2 treatments to any given area, as each treatment will reduce fat by about 20-25%1.

Financing Options for CoolSculpting

Our practice is proud to partner with two of the leading cosmetic care financing companies, Care Credit and Prosper Financial, to offer our patients affordable financing options for CoolSculpting. We accept financing from these institutions for any treatment totaling over $1000. To learn more about your options, and to apply for financing right now, please visit our financing options page.
CoolSculpting is a part of our unique Rewards Plus Program, making it eligible for Reflections Rewards plus Allē (formerly Brilliant Distinctions) savings.



What happens to the fat cells? Where do they go?

During the CoolSculpting procedure, a special process called cryolypolisis targets and freezes only the fat cells, leaving your other tissues unharmed6. These fat cells are effectively frozen to death during this time. Fat cells are unique in their sensitivity to cold, so we’re able to freeze them at a temperature that’s still safe for your other surrounding cells. Your body is constantly cleaning up and removing old and dead cells as part of its normal processes, and these fat cells will become waste products just like all of your other dead cells (eventually you’ll pee them out).
Why is this important? Because not all non-invasive fat removing procedures actually remove the cells that store fat (i.e. fat cells). Many treatments just induce these cells into releasing their stored fat. Even if your body flushes all of the stored fat out of its fat cells, it can and will quickly replenish those stores when you eat anything containing fat in the future. But when you remove the actual fat cells, you create a new “set point” for the body with less fat storage. In other words, this is the only effective way to actually get rid of fat in the long term.


What happens during the CoolSculpting treatment?

CoolSculpting is a comfortable and relaxing procedure where you read a book or watch TV while the device does the work. It starts with the application of a thin gel pad on the area to be treated. This gel pad helps the CoolSculpting vacuum applicator to attach to the targeted area and insulates your skin during the treatment. Once the gel pad is in place, the CoolSculpting vacuum applicator is attached to the area of desired fat reduction. The applicator uses suction to gently gather in the excess fat, drawing it in between two cooling panels.

We feel this video gives an accurate accounting of what the actual treatment is like and what to expect. Skip to 5:30 to see just the treatment and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alternatives to CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting isn’t right for everyone, but Reflections offers many treatment options for fat reduction, including other non-invasive treatments. Liposonix and SculpSure offer non-invasive fat reduction, as well. SculpSure is a new technology that works by heat-damaging fat cells, which are then cleared away by the body, just like with CoolSculpting. Click the link below to visit our infographic comparing CoolSculpting and SculpSure, the two most popular and newest fat reduction treatments, or read the full story on our blog, CoolSculpting vs. Sculpsure.


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