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Anti-Aging Never Tasted So Good!

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Who doesn’t love ice cream and hate wrinkles? Probably no one. So imagine if there was a delicious ice cream on the market that had anti-aging properties? According to, an ingenious collaboration could make that concept a reality as early as 2015!

On September 16, global food and personal care giant Unilever signed an exclusive contract with Ampere Life Science, a biotechnology group, to focus on a new line of anti-aging products. The five-year contract will, according to Unilever, “build differentiated antioxidant-containing products spanning multiple product categories.”

Unilever is currently owns powerhouse food and personal care brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Barilla and Dove. With extensive studies uncovering the numerous anti-aging and cancer-fighting benefits of antioxidants, there has been a boost in the popularity of antioxidant rich foods recently.

Just think of the fabulous anti-aging foods one could indulge in! Here at the Reflection Center for Skin & Body in New Jersey, we’re excited to see this project succeed.