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Botox treatment. The cure for chronic migraines?

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Turns out Botox NJ, the wonder drug that has revolutionized the cosmetic world, has another use that treats a terrible malady afflicting thousands: Chronic migraine headaches.

At Reflections, we noticed early on that patients who had Botox treatment for cosmetic purposes often told us that their chronic migraines (two or more per week) had also gone away or had been substantially reduced. What we had seen anecdotally turned out to be true as revealed in a large-scale study. It proved that significant numbers of patients with chronic migraines were helped when they received Botox NJ treatments.

Today, Botox treatment for migraines is approved by the FDA.

Like Botox treatment for lines and wrinkles, Botox treatment for chronic migraines involves multiple injections of Botox NJ. However, the injection sites often include the temples, back of the head, the neck and the upper back. Noticeable relief often takes up to two weeks.

Typically Botox treatment occurs every three months for a 15-month period. Botox treatment doesn’t work for everyone when it comes to chronic migraines. But, if you’ve tried other migraine treatments and they haven’t worked, it may be time to talk to your doctor about Botox treatment and how it may be right for you.