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Chemo Drug Reverses Signs of Aging

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Is it possible that a chemotherapy drug could be another wrinkle-fighter? Although it’s too soon to tell for certain, a researcher from the University of Michigan seems to think it may be true based on a small study of 21 adults between the ages of 56 and 85.

Fluorouracil, also known as 5-FU, is a chemotherapy agent used to fight colon and pancreatic cancers. Sold under the brand names Efudex, Carac or Fluoroplex, the cream version of Fluorouracil is used to treat age-related keratoses in the skin as well as basal cell skin cancers.

In the study at UM, dermatologists found that patients had a reduction in both fine and coarse wrinkles within only two weeks of applying Fluorouracil cream to their skin twice a day.

Before Fluorouracil can be routinely used as an anti-wrinkling agent, further FDA testing will be necessary. For now, your best bet to fight dynamic wrinkles and lines remains Botox or the newly-released Dysport, both of which are available in our office. We at Reflections are always eager to offer new products to our patients once they’ve been proven both safe and effective, so we’ll be keeping on eye out for future Fluorouracil studies.