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CoolSculpting non-invasive fat reduction is ready for swimsuit season!

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We were super excited when CoolSculpting was launched a few years ago. It seemed like just the thing our patients had been waiting for – a clever way to get rid of excess fat without incisions or injections or anything else invasive. Instead, you’d sit and read a book or watch TV for an hour while a high-tech hand piece froze your fat cells away. Pretty cool stuff!

We rushed out and purchased one of the first units in New Jersey because we knew the science was right.

CoolSculpting was developed at Harvard by laser pioneer Rox Anderson, the guy behind laser hair removal and the excellent Fraxel skin resurfacing lasers. Rox had figured out that fat cells freeze before other kinds of tissue, and if you cooled them to a very precise temperature, they’d crystalize and be whisked away by the body’s natural cleansing process while the surrounding skin and muscle were unaffected. CoolSculpting was built around this premise, pulling bumps and bulges of fat in between two cooling plates to reduce the number of fat cells in the area.

But there were issues. The hand pieces used for the treatment didn’t fit every patient, and certain important areas couldn’t be treated, like the thighs or the bra area. Also, the manufacturer’s treatment protocol called for a single cycle per area, and while many patients were happy, others were looking for a more profound result.

We’re happy to announce that this great treatment has recently become even better.

Zeltiq, the company that makes the device, has been busy refining the hand pieces and changing the way that the treatment is administered to maximize results. Instead of doing a single one-hour session, they now recommended doing four sessions (sometimes even six) to provide a real “wow!” result. Instead of offering only two hand pieces, they now offer five to effectively treat many different areas of the body. In a way, it was a totally new treatment.

We’re excited that CoolSculpting is now a more powerful, flexible treatment that we can use to help our patients looks and feel great.

We’re rolling full steam ahead with the new CoolScupting protocols and hand pieces, just in time for the upcoming swimsuit season (it typically takes about 6 to 8 weeks for results to be seen ), and so far the reception has been great. Our appointment book is filling up with people excited to give CoolSculpting a go.

We’ve seen a growing demand for non-invasive fat reduction over the past few years, and we’re happy that CoolSculpting has gone from being a good treatment to a great one.

We’re eager to see what the future looks like (we imagine it’s going to look fabulous in a two piece!).

*Results may vary by individual. is not the right choice for all patients, or all circumstances. An in-person consultation is the best way to find out what treatments are your best options to achieve your goals.