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Do You Have Acne Scars?

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Many of us have acne scars, ranging from one small “dent” in the face to a whole face full of nasty pits that are tough to cover with makeup and, for men, aren’t ever covered up unless they have a full beard. There are approximately 8 types of acne scars that we see here in our New Jersey practices. If you follow the link, you can likely identify the type of scar that you, or a loved one, have.

Acne scars are emotional reminders of past skin problems, not just physical reminders. For many, acne scarring has limited their prospects in business and social circles and caused self-esteem issues. In the past, there was little that could be done, other than very invasive treatments that came with risks of scarring from the treatments themselves. Thank goodness, our current technology is far and away a better bet toward reducing, if not entirely eliminating, acne scarring.

Two Treatments for Acne Scarring

One treatment for acne scarring is to fill the depressions, or pits, with dermal filler. Juvederm, Perland, Restylane and Radiesse are four dermal fillers we use here at the Reflections Center to treat depressed scars. Filling them with dermal filler plumps the skin in the scar, helping to smooth the skin’s surface. While it doesn’t remove the mark, it does lift the scar up, allowing makeup to camouflage the scar’s edges.

Another effective treatment include the skin resurfacing laser treatments such as Vbeam, Fraxel and Smoothbeam.

The Best Treatment for Acne Scarring

The best treatment is prevention of scars in the first place. There are both creams and oral acne medications that can help prevent acne scaring by treating acne early. They don’t always to the job, unfortunately, and when that’s the case, acne laser treatments can nip active acne in the bud. Caused by bacteria build-up in the skin, the lasers eliminate the bacteria to resolve the acne before it has a chance to develop into a permanent scar.

Nothing can completely eliminate all acne scarring, but laser treatments have become the very best tool for doing so. Don’t miss our before and after acne photos to see the great improvements made to those coming to us in New Jersey for acne treatments.