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Venous Lake Treatment with Vbeam: What to Know

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Venous lakes are a less common skin concern we see here at Reflections Center. However, these skin spots are a cosmetic concern more than anything else, meaning we can offer a variety of state-of-the-art ways to treat them. Lasers remain one of our most effective ways to treat vascular concerns such as these, and we often recommend Vbeam for this particular type of spot. Here’s what to know about venous lakes and what kind of treatment you can expect at our Bridgewater and Livingston locations.

What is a Venous Lake?

Venous lakes are small blue or purplish bumps on the skin. They’re typically soft and squishy because they’re caused by vascular dilation. Although they can occur anywhere, they’re most common on the upper or lower lips. It’s not entirely clear what causes them, but they’re vascular in nature – meaning they’re likely the result of damage to the many small blood vessels in the lips or as a result of sun exposure. Although they’re harmless, they can be a significant cosmetic concern since they’re often very noticeable.

Venous Lake vs. Melanoma

One extremely important thing to know is that venous lakes are not cancerous. It’s easy to mistake them for melanomas, or malignant skin growths, because of their dark color – a trait shared by melanomas. However, venous lakes don’t tend to grow in size or exhibit other characteristics of cancerous lesions. If you’re ever unsure about a dark spot, we can’t stress enough the importance of seeing a board-certified dermatologist as soon as possible. If it’s a venous lake, our cosmetic physicians can help you explore the best possible cosmetic treatment options. If it’s something more serious, your dermatologist will discuss your next steps.

Laser Treatment for Venous Lakes

Because venous lakes are vascular spots, they can easily be treated with lasers. Vbeam Perfecta is one of our most recommended platforms for vascular concerns such as these.

What is Vbeam?

Vbeam is a type of pulsed dye laser – these types of lasers work by targeting the pigment in blood vessels with laser energy calculated to a specific wavelength. The pigment absorbs the light and heat is generated, therapeutically damaging the cells. As the body gets rid of the damaged cells, only clear skin is left behind. Vbeam and other pulsed dye lasers have been in use for decades and are some of the safest and most effective laser platforms available in cosmetic medicine. In fact, advanced platforms such as Vbeam include a unique cooling system to ensure the surface of the skin remains protected during treatment – meaning we target only the vascular areas we intended.

What is Treatment Like?

Spots like venous lakes can be treated quickly and efficiently. Depending on the size of the lesion, you may only need a few pulses, which are extremely fast. Because of Vbeam’s advanced cooling system, you won’t feel much discomfort. If you’re concerned about pain, we can apply a topical numbing cream. Once the area is treated, you can return to your regular schedule.

Afterward, you might have some minor redness and swelling for the next day. We often recommend a cool compress as a way to reduce any swelling or discomfort. Because venous lakes often occur in the lips, it can be an especially sensitive area to treat. Keeping it covered with SPF is essential, as with any laser treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This can be tricky to judge since it’s based on the unique lesion. You may be able to get away with a single treatment for smaller venous lakes, but you may need an additional session for larger ones. If you do need multiple treatments, they’re typically spaced apart by three to four weeks.

When Will I See Results?

Vbeam for venous lakes can be incredibly quick. Over the following days to weeks, the spot will darken and then fade from the skin. Vbeam can produce long-term results because of the nature of vascular lesions – typically, blood is rerouted through healthy blood vessels rather than damaged ones. The best thing you can do to prevent venous lakes from occurring again is to protect the area from sun exposure. Our providers can help you learn more about our best sun protection products.

Vbeam for Venous Lakes at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine

Venous lakes can easily be treated with the right laser technologies. To learn more about Vbeam and our award-winning team of cosmetic physicians, contact our offices today by calling or filling out our online form.