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Fraxel laser treatment zaps signs of sun damage

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Staying indoors might be the best way to avoid damage to the skin, but it’s no fun. After all, most people want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine after a tough winter. Wearing sunscreen and dressing appropriately can help, but catching too many rays can lead to spots, wrinkles and sagging. These, in turn, can make a person look a lot older than they actually are.

Luckily, for those who have enjoyed tanning a bit too much, there are technologies that can help, such as Fraxel laser treatment. Dermatologists and skin care specialists are swearing by this tool to treat a variety of skin conditions, not least of which is sun damage.

Experts say that the procedure is safe and comfortable, as well as versatile enough to allow multiple body areas to be treated simultaneously in one session. Lasers penetrate the skin to help fade spots and fine lines, leading to a fresher, younger appearance.

Beautician Phillipa Hodgson told the Inner West Courier that her respect for Fraxel laser treatment began when she saw so many men and women experience significant improvements.

“I could see the effect these treatments had on their confidence and poise,” she said, quoted by the news source.