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Hair today, gone tomorrow: Laser hair removal helps women gain self-confidence

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Many women prize the hair on their heads, devoting much time and money to making sure that their tresses look picture perfect. But when it comes to too much hair on areas of the face and body – such as the upper lip, arms and legs – most ladies would consider it a problem. They might even be embarrassed by their excessive body hair, which some consider to be an issue associated with men.

Fox News reports that Jeannie Bush, a 55-year-old resident of La Crosse, Wisconsin, struggled with the thick hair that stubbornly grew on her jaw and chin. She was so ashamed of her condition – which was caused by a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome – that every morning for 10 years, she rose at dawn to shave her face, thinking that her husband would be disgusted when he woke up.

“What an absolute turn-off I felt that would be,” she admitted to the news source. “So I hid it.”

Bush added that she remembers the first time her doctor noticed the excessive facial hair, which was an embarrassing moment. Bush felt hurt because she thought she had hidden her condition so well.

According to Alabama-based nurse Diana Dowdy, excess facial hair can represent a particularly heavy burden for young women and teenagers. She urged patients to talk to a doctor about their condition, no matter how embarrassing and hopeless it might seem, as there are ways to address the problem.

Treating any underlying condition behind excessive hair growth would be a logical first step. Next, looking into laser hair removal as a safe, minimally invasive and more lasting alternative to shaving or waxing would be an effective way to boost patients’ confidence.

Cosmetic industry figures reveal that laser hair removal is among the most popular aesthetic treatments for women under 35. The procedure is quick, easy and relatively painless for most patients, who require anywhere from four to eight treatments spaced about six weeks apart.

“The energy from the laser is absorbed by a pigment in the bulb of each hair called melanin, which prevents the hair from growing,” explained dermatologist Josh Fox.

A survey conducted by the Celibre Medical Corporation revealed that 97 percent of women who had undergone laser hair removal treatments were highly satisfied with the results.

Opting for laser hair removal can help ladies feel more confident about themselves and be more comfortable in their own bodies.