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In the spring, a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of laser liposuction

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As wedding season rolls around, bridal boutiques and flower shops aren’t the only ones seeing more newlyweds-to-be – cosmetic specialists are, too. In preparation for the big day, brides and grooms alike are seeking ways to make sure that they look picture perfect.

Clinicians have reported an upsurge in the number of people seeking out laser liposuction, according to the Calgary Herald. In particular, more men are asking about the minimally invasive technique, which uses targeted laser energy to remove fat from areas such as the abdomen and thighs.

According to specialist Sean Hintz, this non-surgical cosmetic treatment is both safe and effective. However, he warned against relying on laser liposuction alone to achieve a better body, saying that the technique is meant to complement healthy lifestyle choices such as eating nutritious food.

“I would not recommend that someone come in and have this done, and then eat at McDonald’s every day,” Hintz told the Shreveport Times.

Those who exercise and eat a healthy diet may be most satisfied with the results of the procedure. Most people just need a day or two to recover, making laser liposuction a smart choice for busy brides and grooms who need to get right back to wedding planning.