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Miss Otis Regrets… A Story on Laser Tattoo Removal, NJ

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Miss Otis regrets is the title of a song. Truth be told, most skincare doctors would add… her tattoo to that title.

More than half of everyone who gets a tattoo wants to get rid of it within about a month (some wish it was gone the next day). In fact, there is a clinical name for hating the flower you got on a dare, the “significant other” you thought you would love to the end of time, or the profound Chinese symbol that turned out not to be profound at all: It’s called tattoo regret.

Of course, tattoo regret didn’t much matter for the past 2000 years, since little could be done to remove them. That changed a couple of decades ago with the introduction of laser tattoo removal NJ.

An important aspect of tattoo removal NJ is the knowledge that different colors in a tattoo respond to different laser wavelengths. Surprisingly, dark colors are significantly easier to remove than light colors because they absorb more tattoo-busting light while light colors reflect it.

To do laser tattoo removal NJ well, you must have all of the laser wavelengths that target different ink colors. Many doctors only have a single wide-spectrum laser for tattoo removal NJ, but they’re only effective on certain colors of ink and for people of a certain skin type. At Reflection Centers, we have the complete array of lasers for tattoo removal NJ which means we can match our tattoo removal treatments to every patient’s specific needs.

You can even remove part of a tattoo so it can be changed. We get more than a few referrals from local tattoo artists because they know we’ll give their clients back to them with smooth and supple skin ready to be reworked.

That’s nice to know, especially if you asked for “sweet pea” spelled with an “e” at the end instead of an “a.”