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Even stars suffer from “tattoo regret”: Thank goodness for Laser Tattoo Removal

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Judging by the heart-shaped “Antonio” tattoo on her right arm, it’s likely Melanie Griffith believed she and Antonio Banderas would be together forever. But their relationship went the way of most Hollywood couples, and with their breakup came a phenomenon we’re all too familiar with around here: “tattoo regret”.

We continue to see more and more tattoo regret in Northern and Central New Jersey. In the past decade, tattoo removal across the nation has risen an astonishing 440%. And for those of you who are considering getting a tattoo consider this: Studies show that about 50% of those who get a tattoo, grow to regret it.

Thanks to modern laser tattoo removal techniques, something can be done about tattoo regret. In Melanie Griffith’s case, she has started to mend her broken heart by erasing the one on her arm with a little help from a laser.

Tattoo removal wasn’t always so high-tech. In the past, many methods have been tried to remove a tattoo, including rubbing the tattoo with salt, acid removal, the use of pigeon poo and even surgery. As you can imagine, these procedures were not only painful, they didn’t work very well.

Fortunately, that all changed with the introduction of lasers for tattoo removal. Today, Q-switched and pico-second lasers are used to pulse wavelengths of light energy into the ink, which breaks up the pigments so your body can absorb and flush them away.

Black and other dark inks are the easiest and quickest to remove – dark colors absorb more ink-shattering energy – but other colors like green, blue, red and orange can also be removed, providing the facility you go to has the right laser wavelengths to address these colors.

Make sure to look for a facility that has multiple lasers for tattoo removal, and be sure to ask if they can treat the specific colors in your tattoo. At Reflections, we have different lasers to address just about every color in the rainbow, so we have you covered.

As for Melanie Griffith, if she remarries, it would suit her well if her new beau had a shorter first name. I wonder if Tom Cruise is seeing anyone?