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Need a (Face) Lift?

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No matter how hard we beg those hands on the clock to slow down, time keeps ticking. Aging and all of the appearance-altering changes that come with it is inevitable. Gravity eventually catches up to us and weighs down our once youthful faces, stress and sleepless nights paint crease marks on our foreheads, and years of laughing, worrying, and living begin to reveal themselves even though we wish they wouldn’t.

While we’ve enjoyed and learned from the experiences and situations that transformed us, we’re not in love with the way they transformed our skin. If you’re starting to feel that your face no longer reflects the energy and vitality you have inside, it may be time to look into getting a personalized face-lifting treatment plan, with or without surgery.

Instant Results Without Surgery

At Reflections, we have numerous options for facial rejuvenation that can help tighten your appearance and reduce problem areas without the need for incisions or downtime. Instant treatments for adjusting the facial contour with dermal fillers, lifting the brows, cheeks, or jawline with thread lifts, are all available depending on your goals and skin condition.

The drawback to some instant face lifting treatments are that they tend to be temporary. Depending on the extent and type of procedure, our options for instant facial rejuvenation last around a year or less. However, they are repeatable, meaning that if you’d like to maintain your results, you can always come back for another treatment.

Many people choose a quicker, less long-lasting approach to facial rejuvenation before looking at more significant treatments like surgery to see how their appearance changes for the better after various procedures. We welcome anyone who has a concern about their aging facial appearance to contact us, and our physicians will never pressure you into a treatment you’re not ready for yet.

Long-Lasting Results with Moderate Improvement

While our instant non-invasive facial treatments are cost-effective, they don’t last forever. Fortunately, there are still options for non-surgical rejuvenation for those who want longer-lasting results, we have state-of-the-art technology to get results that last multiple years before needing re-treatment.

Non-invasive devices such as Ultherapy and Sofwave are all effective at tightening skin with different approaches. Our physicians can recommend the most effective treatment plan for you after a consultation and examination.

Facelift Surgery Options for the Most Effective Results

Advances in the medical field provide us with several options when it comes to regaining our youthful appearance through facial surgery. Sagging jowls, deep eyelid creases,, and stress lines can all be resolved with one of the many facelift solutions offered at Reflections Center for Skin & Body. Our plastic surgery procedures offer different solutions depending on your needs:

  • A lateral brow lift reduces frown lines, the wrinkles that appear in between the eyes, and the horizontal lines that can appear on the forehead. It also helps reduce the creases that appear in the eyelids.
  • A full facelift addresses multiple issues anywhere between the neck and forehead. If you are unhappy with sagging skin, deep creases, and a tired looking appearance, a full facelift might be the option for you.
  • A lower face lift is often paired with a neck lift at the same time, as sagging jowls and a wrinkled neck are the most common issues our patients are looking to resolve.
  • A mini facelift, or s-lift, is similar to lower facelift, but it’s less invasive and often doesn’t last as long as a traditional lower facelift. The procedure usually requires less recovery time than a full facelift.

If you’re not happy with the signs of aging on your face and need a significant but natural looking boost, we encourage you to explore all the types of facelift solutions we offer at Reflections. Learn what approach may be best for your unique goals and preferences by calling us or contacting us online today.