What is MicroBotox, and How is it Different from Regular Botox®?

Aquagold-Finetouch-MicroneedlingMicroBotox refers to a special way of injecting Botox into the skin. Botox is a neuromodulator that is typically injected into muscles through a very fine needle to address fine lines and wrinkles. With MicroBotox, the Botox is injected through a special microneedling system called Aquagold FineTouch®, which deposits the Botox within the very top-most layers of the skin, to shrink large pores and reduce redness from rosacea and overactive capillaries.

The 24-karat gold microneedles are thinner than a strand of hair and use tiny microchannels that swirl down the length of the microneedle to deliver the Botox into the skin, in an even distribution. We’ve always thought that Botox could be a treatment for pore size and overactive capillaries and rosacea flushing, but we were never able to inject in it small enough doses in an even distribution to just the very top layers of the skin. Now we’re seeing amazing results that last longer than alternative treatments, like chemical peels, facials, and lasers, and there’s no downtime.

What does MicroBotox Treat?

MicroBotox treats the skin, rather than the muscles, reducing large pores and clearing away redness in the skin caused by overactive capillaries. In particular, this works very well for Rosacea sufferers.

This Rosacea sufferer was experiencing a particularly bad flare when she came to us to try MicroBotox. What’s important to note here, is that her skin calmed down within 1 week of application, and stayed clear for 3 months. Most rosacea sufferers know that calming a flare down isn’t the real battle – it’s keeping that flare from coming back that’s very difficult.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MicroBotox

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Not only are we among the only providers of MicroBotox in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York tri-state, but our physicians understand how to maximize the results of your MicroBotox treatment.
Our cosmetic physicians are dedicated solely to mastering the art of cutting-edge cosmetic medicine, which includes providing treatments like MicroBotox. This dedication allows our physicians to not only invest in learning new techniques and skills but to spend their days perfecting these new treatments and maximizing their results. Not only are we able to really master these treatments, but our physicians have all of the best treatments at their disposal. From over 50 different laser technologies to every single type of injectable, to the latest surgical techniques – if it’s a treatment that provides real, natural-looking results, you’ll find it at Reflections. This means our doctors aren’t trying to sell you a treatment that isn’t just right for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. Your consultation will include a deep discussion of which treatments will work best for you, as well as how we can make treatment work for your schedule and budget.

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