Kysse is the only Dermal filler to be designed specifically for lip injections.

This filler was formulated to give a soft result, but provide the lips with noticeable volume changes and shape/contour changes. Because of that, Restylane’s Kysse™ is a great lip filler choice for patients wanting a plumper pout that looks and feels natural and soft.

I’m really happy with the results, especially my bottom lip that is fuller now, in a natural way!”
– Cassandra, Kysse Lip Filler Patient

Kysse Lip Filler for Kissable Soft Lips

Kysse can be used to create:

  • Fuller lips (lip augmentation)
  • More defined lip line with fewer lip lines (vermillion border)
  • Happier, upturned corners of the mouth (oral commissures)

Kysse Injections NJ Near MeKysse has “Optimal Balance Technology (OBT),” making it one of the very few fillers that can be used to both change the structure (shape, borders, height, etc.) and the fullness (volume, projection) of the lip – and yet, it is a very soft product. Kysse tends to swell less after injection so the potential downtime is reduced after the procedure and has the potential of the injection being more precise. All of these factors sets it apart from other dermal fillers for the lips. For many years Juvederm has been the go to filler for lip injections, but for many, there is now another great alternative.

Please keep in mind that the choice of filler we recommend to treat the lips is in part determined by the goals of the patient- volume, shape, etc and also by the anatomy and proportions of the lip relative to other areas of the face. It takes a trained medical eye and lots of experience to inject the lips and achieve a georgeous, yet natural looking outcome. It’s not the paint that produces a beautiful piece of art, it’s the painter. The filler is a tool that when utilized properly can help achieve a safe and happy outcome. Please choose your injector wisely. Look for a physician who has years of experience and performs multiple lip injections daily.

Most importantly, enjoy the incredible satisfaction that comes with improving the appearance of your lips.

Kysse Pricing

Kysse is one of the more affordable fillers at $750 per syringe. With a result duration of 9-12 months, and over 86% of treated patients saying they would choose Kysse, Kysse is a great choice for both results and cost-effectiveness.

How many syringes of Kysse will I need?

Most patients use just 1 syringe of Kysse for their lips, but it can vary.

Generally speaking, the number of syringes of filler you’ll need is exceedingly difficult to guess without having seen you for an evaluation and discussion of your goals. However, we did write a whole page dedicated just to the discussion of how many syringes of filler patients typically end up having, by area, and filler type (as well as what that will run you price-wise).

Is Kysse safe? Are there potential risks?

Kysse has been available for a number of years in Europe, but only recently received FDA Approval, allowing it to be used in the United States. This is a good thing for patients because it means we have a (relatively) long history of use to prove its safety and efficacy.

What side effects are possible with Kysse?

Kysse tends to create much less swelling than other fillers, but you can expect some mild swelling, especially with the first 48 hours, and redness at the injection site often lasts for up to an hour. Bruising is possible with any injection, but we rarely have lip filler patients experience that. If you do have bruising, please let us know because we offer complimentary laser treatments to break up the bruise and dramatically speed its clearance.

The only serious and long-lasting side effect or risk of Kysse is occlusion, where filler could block flow in a blood vessel, which can be quite serious. We discuss occlusion risks with our patients during treatment, but it’s important to know our physician injectors are not only trained in how to inject to create great results, and how to safely inject, but also how to dissolve filler if things go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kysse Injections

How long does Kysse filler last?

Kysse was shown to last 9-12 months in the lips during a clinical study.

Will Kysse Injections hurt?

No, because Kysse already has lidocaine, a powerful numbing agent, mixed in. You should feel tiny sticks upon entry, much like what you experience with Botox, and a numbness in the treatment area which wears off in about an hour or so. If you are anxious or sensitive, we can use lidocaine to perform a “nerve block,” where we inject the numbing agent directly into your nerve bundles, just as the dentist does when you get a cavity filled – although this will mean you’ll be much more numb for much longer. Let us know if you’d like to discuss that option during your free consultation or next treatment!


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