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New technologies provide youthful looks without scalpels

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Reflections for laser skin rejuvenation.
Reflections for laser skin rejuvenation.

Individuals who desire a younger looking face or a slimmer waistline may be held back due to fears of scarring, infection or prolonged healing. However, there are many options available today that can help people look their best without incisions and stitches.

An ABC News article recently reported on the trend of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, which typically entail injections, lasers or ultrasound devices, rather than knives or chisels. The news source spoke with a number of cosmetic surgeons and patients about why these new techniques are superior to the more invasive options of the past, or how they can complement traditional plastic surgery.

“I don’t think one excludes the other,” said dermatologist Doris Day, quoted by the news source. “However, my experience has been that you can get rid of lines and wrinkles, but that doesn’t always make someone look younger; they just look smoother. What we lose over time is volume. And what we do is we – very carefully, naturally and discreetly – add back volume.”

Day said that the “palette of tools available” today allows both deep and superficial treatments to provide patients with a natural look.

She also described new forms of laser liposuction, which melt fat so it can be suctioned out more easily than traditional methods, resulting in smaller incisions and lesser scarring. According to Day, these procedures are ideal for men and women who want to slow the hands of time.

“Well, it may not be that you never look old, but you can put it a long way off,” said Day, quoted by the news source. “We can slow that process down in a very natural way with these procedures.”

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine reports that Botox injections are among the most common cosmetic procedures in the country. This minimally invasive treatment works by relaxing muscles in the face that cause wrinkles, especially those in the forehead or around the eyes.

Other popular cosmetic enhancements that can be performed sans scalpel include laser skin rejuvenation, Restylane injections, SlimLipo and acne laser treatment.

While these procedures tend to be safer and result in fewer complications than most traditional methods, people should still do their research before making any appointments. This includes looking into their desired treatment, as well as the facility and healthcare provider they plan to use.