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10 Years Younger: “No One Knew I Had Botox or Fillers!” Review from One of Our Patients

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I've seen tons of people where it looks really, I mean it's so overdone it looks like it may pop. So I didn't want to look like that at all, and Dr. Chasin is so good about that. What I love about him is he does not hesitate to tell you no.”

Some of the best injectable results are those that are completely undetectable. After your Botox or filler injections at Reflections Center, you should still look like yourself, but be more youthful and refreshed. Our patient shared her story and explains how Dr. Chasin was able to achieve a natural result that made her feel 10 years younger.

Some providers are more concerned with money than their patients’ results, which drives them to never turn down a patient’s request even when it means they’ll be over-injected. When too much Botox is injected, a patient can get a “frozen” look, and too much filler can distort their proportions and make them look unnatural, or as our patient says, “so overdone, it looks like [their face] may pop.” Unfortunately, since injections are priced per unit, some providers are motivated to inject too much.

This is not the case with Dr. Chasin or any of the Reflections Center physicians. Dr. Chasin “does not hesitate to tell you no,” meaning that if, in his expert opinion, more injections will yield an unnatural result, he will tell a patient that “less is more” in their case. Our patient says that in her experience, Dr. Chasin is “so clear. He really makes you understand, he makes you feel so comfortable, and he’s just such a really nice guy. He knows what he’s talking about.”

“With Dr. Chasin, really you don’t even need to be numb. Seriously, his hands are magic.”

Many first-time injectable patients are nervous that the procedure is painful, but numbing is often unnecessary. “It feels like a little prick, and that’s it,” our patient explains. Some inexperienced providers may also incorrectly inject Botox or fillers, making it a more painful experience than necessary. However, Dr. Chasin is an educated specialist with years of experience, so “with Dr. Chasin, really you don’t even need to be numb,” our patient says. “Seriously, his hands are magic.”

Now, I definitely feel more confident. I feel at least 10 years younger. No one ever knew that I got anything done, and that’s what I love about it.

Our patient first came to Reflections because she had bad results from Botox in the past, but after receiving injections from Dr. Chasin, “I definitely feel more confident. I feel at least 10 years younger. No one ever knew that I got anything done, and that’s what I love about it.” By carefully injecting a small amount of Botox into her forehead and a small amount of filler near her mouth, Dr. Chasin was able to create a refreshed and youthful look that gave our patient renewed confidence but is subtle enough that her friends and family don’t notice a distinct change.

Another important distinction about Reflections Center is that through a comfortable, trusting doctor-patient relationship, patients feel free to ask any questions they may have so they feel confident going into their procedure. “They care about just explaining everything to you fully. It doesn’t matter if you call ten times, they will explain to you ten times and explain that fully.”

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