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Aging Gracefully with a Birthday Makeover

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Allison has been a patient at Reflections Center for nearly ten years and she joined us for a video interview to share her experience with a variety of cosmetic procedures. She stated, “as I’m approaching my 50th birthday, I wasn’t happy with the sagging of my skin, my jawline wasn’t looking very sharp. Just seeing gravity doing its thing.”

To improve those signs of aging, Allison combined a lower facelift with eyelid skin removal. Her reaction to the results? –

“Everything just looks better, but I feel like it’s very natural. It doesn’t look like I had anything done, I just look like an improved version of myself. I’m so happy that I did it and I would recommend the procedure to anyone who is maybe starting to feel that gravity is not making them look the way they feel.”

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift is a great option for patients who want a more defined jawline or those who are bothered by the appearance of jowling under the chin. A lower facelift targets sagging skin and wrinkles along the jawline and lower chin. Lax muscles and connective tissues, sagging or thinning skin, and fat buildup are all targeted in this surgical procedure.

Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift or eyelid skin removal can help you achieve a brightened, refreshed appearance. Hanging skin on the upper lids can weigh heavily on the eyes, creating a tired or aged appearance. Interference with vision is also a cause for concern. Lower eyelid surgery can also be used in combination with upper eyelid surgery for patients with puffy under-eyes or bulging fat pads.

The Benefits of Combining Surgical Procedures

When you receive multiple surgeries in one procedure, you only have to deal with one recovery and less costs for one, rather than two, hospital bookings. Plus, you can expect more dramatic rejuvenation with multiple cosmetic concerns addressed all at once! By combining a lower facelift with eyelid surgery, Amanda received complete facial rejuvenation for a balanced, natural-looking result.

When is the Right Time to Consider Plastic Surgery?

Many of our patients are around Amanda’s age when the signs of aging start to be prominent and bothersome. However, there is no “right age” since everyone ages differently. A lower facelift and eyelid surgery can be performed on younger patients in their 30s or older patients in their 60s-70s. Anyone who wants to refresh their appearance and feel great about themselves can benefit from cosmetic surgery. We also offer many non-surgical options for those who might not be surgical candidates.

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