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"I don't want to look 25 - I'm in my 40's!" | My Favorite Practice for Botox, Fillers, & Lipo Revealed

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I'm 46 years old and I've been a patient of Dr. Chasin's for almost a decade. He is so passionate about what he does and yet he has such compassion for his patients. I find myself completely comfortable here and that's why I come back all the time.”

Our long-time patient Blaire sat down with us in a video interview to discuss her experience receiving fillers from Dr. Chasin. She describes her experience by stating,

“[Dr. Chasin] was the one that introduced me to injecting my temples. And I have to say, that was great. Subtle, but great. I can’t necessarily say that I believe in aging gracefully. I know that is what is most people say. Now, I do believe that you can age appropriately, so I believe at my age it’s very easy to go too far, and that’s why I’d like just a little bit. So, I’m okay if there’s, like, a little bit of something. I mean, I should look 40, being that I’m 46. I’m not trying to look 26. And I think if you have that mindset, you’ll get the best results.”