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“It’s really something to do for me”: My Experience With Fillers at 74

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Hi, my name is Theresa. For the past nine years, I’ve been coming to Reflections Center and seeing Dr. Chasin for fillers. He does an incredible job and really has gotten to know me and what I need. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to look younger.

I’m 73 years old, almost 74. My lower face seems to be where gravity has hit me the hardest. Fillers have been really effective at getting rid of the sagging and made a huge difference. People all have different areas affected by aging – Dr. Chasin has said that my upper face still reflects how young I feel. But my lower face has really been impacted by stress and losing some weight because of grief.

The first thing they judge you on is your appearance. I really want to appear the way I feel, which is youthful and energetic.”

My husband died about 14 months ago, and there are a couple reasons I came to Dr. Chasin again. The first was that getting fillers really was something to do for me. There were a lot of things I was doing for two people that I’m now doing for only one – like cooking – and so I have time to do things for myself now. This is a way to focus on myself and really have my outside reflect how I feel inside – people say I have this boundless, positive energy and Dr. Chasin really helped me capture that.

The second reason I came to Dr. Chasin was that everyone from my grief therapist to my friends and family said it’s time for me to get back out there. Dating today is very challenging and so much of it is online. It’s hard when the first thing they judge about you is your appearance – which can be difficult after going through so much stress. I really am so youthful and energetic and want that to show in my face. This is my time and I want to make sure I’m making the best of it.

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