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My Results Removing Sun Damage: Fraxel CO2 Laser for Fair Skin - Is CO2 Laser Worth it?!

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Everyone says, I look 10 years younger so that's always really good to hear.”

This patient visited Dr. Chasin after hearing good reviews of his work from friends. She wanted to have a non-surgical procedure to address sun damage that she saw develop on her face over time. “As a sports person I’ve always been outside, very athletic, and exercised a lot. So, outside is where I always want to be, so obviously, I had a lot of sun damage.” In addition to spending a lot of time outdoors over time, this patient has fair skin, making her more susceptible to sun damage. This is common among many patients, especially those who are active in both winter sports like skiing and who head down the shore for our New Jersey tradition of a summer spent by the beach. But with over 20 years of experience providing laser treatments, Dr. Chasin knows how to remove sun damage without making the process an arduous one.

Dr. Chasin was very thorough and detailed in explaining the procedures and the options that I had. He was very informative and made me feel totally at ease and that’s why I chose to get the Fraxel Re:Pair 600 CO2 MicroPeel.

Fraxel’s CO2 MicroPeel Laser (not the “Fraxel” most people talk about – but a true CO2 laser made by the same manufacturer – which is a bit more aggressive) was very effective for this patient. The procedure utilizes laser energy to target unwanted pigment and stimulates new collagen production, which helps to improve issues like fine lines and wrinkles. “Everybody tells me I look 10 years younger, so that’s always really helpful to hear that,” this patient explains. “The results have been really great, and I know it keeps working for three months, so I definitely keep seeing the difference.” Like many laser treatments, results from Fraxel’s CO2 MicroPeel will continue to improve over time as the body naturally produces new collagen below the skin’s surface. “It’s getting tighter and I definitely see dramatic results actually.”

Even though you look like you have a really bad sunburn for a few days, you can still go to work, it’s totally fine. Don’t be afraid.”
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While this patient recommends CO2 Micropeel, she also notes that it’s best to keep an open mind and schedule a consultation with a physician who can recommend the best option for you. “It depends on what level you need and whatnot. That’s why you need to have a consultation with Dr. Chasin, who will then specifically guide you to the best plan for you.”

One of the benefits of CO2 MicroPeel Laser Treatment that this patient appreciated is that there is no downtime required. She explains that while she, like other patients, was afraid that “your skin’s just going to come off,” the healing stage is actually “not going to be as bad as you think.” She advises people interested in Fraxel CO2 Laser to “just know that your body’s going to heal itself and there’s going to be peeling and whatnot, but obviously the end results far outweigh what you’re going to go through.”

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