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You Will Always Have My Highest of Recommendations

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I have continued to return to “Reflections” because of the care and service that you have provided.”

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you what great experiences I have had in regards to your treatments at “Reflections”. I have continued to return to “Reflections” because of the care and service that you have provided.

It is obvious that you have a great passion for your profession and it definitely shows with the time you take with your patients. You are honest about what treatments will work best for each individual and I have always been pleased with your recommendations. You provide so many options for your patients and continue to offer the most recent, state of the art equipment and care available.

What is most comforting is that if I ever mentioned that I wanted something cosmetically done, you were honest enough to say that I didn’t need it. That is so refreshing in today’s world of medicine where I have seen that recommendations for procedures were in the physician’s best interest because of monetary reasons. I always feel you have my needs and best interest in mind, and for that I am truly thankful.

I have always been extremely satisfied with your work and your very down to earth manner. You have such an eye for the services you provide and I certainly trust your judgment. Best of all, you have given me more confidence in my appearance which has only improved the confidence in myself. Confidence in one’s self can truly transform a life and I really hope that you realize the comfort level you have given to so many people, and with someone who has lacked self-esteem for so many years…that has been a great gift!

I hope you continue your work and I hope that your work continues to reward you in a way that you have rewarded so many others. You will always have my highest of recommendations not only as a physician and artist, but also as a genuinely great person!*

by K.P.