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Prepare to Bare Arms

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Ever wonder why everyone talks about Michelle Obama’s arms? reports that a new study has found men to be more attracted to a woman’s arms than legs.

The study, which was administered by Sydney’s University of South Wales, was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. The researchers asked Australian and Chinese men to view videos of 96 different women aged 20 to 49 years old. They then asked the men to rate the women according to their looks.

What the study found was that women with long, slender arms were consistently rated as the most attractive females. On the contrary, women with long legs had no significant effect on how attractive they were perceived.

While the overall appearance of a woman is the most influential factor in physical attraction, Brooks pointed out that hip to waist ratio, age and weight are also imperative.

Hit up the gym and work out those biceps! Next time you won’t be so up in arms about doing those push-ups.