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Sculptra: Now FDA-Approved for Cheek Wrinkles

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Sculptra remains one of our favorite options for facial rejuvenation here at Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine. Unique from any other injectable treatment, Sculptra is one of the most reliable ways to boost collagen and achieve an overall more youthful look. We’re thrilled to learn that Sculptra has now been FDA-approved for the treatment of cheek wrinkles and look forward to helping patients explore their options with this biostimulating injectable. Here’s a quick guide to Sculptra and what this exciting new development means for your cosmetic goals.

How Does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra’s active ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible polymer found in dissolvable sutures used in surgeries. PLLA is incredibly effective at stimulating the production of healthy new collagen – one benefit of this is that it can help skin and tissues heal faster after surgery. The other benefit is that it can prompt the body to fill in lost collagen and reverse signs of aging like volume loss, hollowness, and fine lines and wrinkles. With a series of injections, Sculptra can produce completely natural volume unlike other dermal fillers which simply deposit a hyaluronic acid gel in the skin.

Sculptra and Cheek Wrinkles

Previously, Sculptra was FDA-approved for facial winkles and folds like marionette lines or nasolabial lines. Sculptra’s new FDA-approval refers to radial cheek lines, or vertical lines that appear under the cheek bones when smiling or expressing. Radial cheek lines are a unique type of wrinkle (called dynamic wrinkles) that are caused by movement and facial expressions. Dynamic wrinkles have traditionally been the realm of neurotoxins like Botox, but this new FDA approval presents a new option for patients who are looking to not only soften the appearance of cheek wrinkles but to also restore lost volume to an area notorious for losing volume as we age.

The Results

Sculptra’s manufacturer, Galderma, released promising data for the use of Sculptra in the cheeks. In fact, 96% of patients involved in the study showed improvement at 3 months, 94% at 1 year, and 94% at 2 years. Our online gallery is another testament to the rejuvenating results of Sculptra and the unique skill of our award-winning cosmetic physicians’ combined decades of experience. View our Sculptra before-and-after gallery here.

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