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Shining a spotlight on sunspot removal.

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Today, you probably wear your SPF 30+ sunscreen daily, along with taking all the recommended sun protection steps like wearing sun protective clothing, seeking shade during the middle part of the day, and so on. After all, sun protection is one of the most touted skincare routine recommendations you’ll find. But, in your younger years, you probably didn’t give much thought to sun protection and you’re beginning to see the effects.

Sun spots normally appear on the nose, forehead and cheeks. Often, they are most noticeable on the left side of your face because, when you drive, the sun hits you more on that side. If you spend a lot of time outside, however, or wear low-cut tops, you might have brown spots on areas like your shoulders, arms, or chest. Sun spots are dark, flat lesions that are brown, grey or black in color. They’re sometimes called age spots or liver spots because they tend to become most apparent in later years (although younger people can certainly get sun spots). As the name suggests, sun spots and brown spots are caused by repeated sun exposure. Fortunately, Reflections has the latest technologies and a wealth of experience in removing sun spots and to help you achieve a healthy glow.

Intense Pulsed Light for Sun Spot Removal

If you have lighter skin tones, our cosmetic physicians may use intense pulsed light (IPL) which pulses a wide range of visible light waves to penetrate the tissue. When the excess melanin in the sun spot absorbs the light, it breaks it up and your body’s natural healing process removes the pigmented cells for more even skin tone and a younger appearance. Because IPL treatment is gentle and non-invasive, it requires little to no recovery time. The number of treatments for removing sun spots depends on how many sun spots you have and their severity. Generally most people need two to three IPL treatments spaced about a month apart to treat sunspots. However, results are apparent after only one visit! IPL treatment is typically the go-to strategy for brown spots, sun damage, and pigmentation.

Lasers for Sun Spot Removal

Our cosmetic physicians at Reflections can choose from more than ten different lasers for removing sun spots and other skin problems. We’ll thoroughly discuss your laser treatment options for sun damaged skin during your consultation.

Q-Switched Laser for Sun Spot Removal

Got a billionth of a second? A Q-switched laser pulses a billionth-of-a-second laser wave at sun spots to fragment and break up the skin pigmentation. Most sun spots can be removed in two visits spaced about four weeks apart. Deeper age spots may require additional treatments.

Fraxel Laser for Sun Spot Removal

The latest revolution in laser technology, Fraxel lasers, are not only great at removing sun spots; they also make your skin softer, fresher, and smoother. Even better, Fraxel lasers also do a great job of removing fine lines, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, and generally improving texture.

There are three types of Fraxel laser treatments, all of which can be used for sunspot removal. All three create thousands of microscopic treatment areas under the dermal layer, while leaving surrounding tissue untouched. As the treated areas heal, new collagen grows, which smooths and tightens the skin. Clear + Brilliant is the most gentle Fraxel laser treatment. Fraxel Re: store Dual laser offers a more powerful treatment to improve texture and smooth skin. A second wavelength is for treating age spots. Fraxel Re:Pair is the strongest treatment. In addition to removing sunspots, it more aggressively works to improve skin and also reduces skin laxity.

Which One is Right for Me?

Although there are a variety of skincare treatment options like chemical peels or topical creams for fading brown spots, we’ve tried it all over the past 20+ years and have found that the best results come with laser treatments. At Reflections, we have an impressive collection of laser platforms and technologies, as well as the industry knowledge to back it up. In our many years of experience, laser treatments produce the most reliable and transformative results in treating sun spots. Feel free to peruse our before & after gallery of sun damage removal results.

Which laser treatment is right for you depends on your skin type, the arrangement of your sunspots (IPL is great for widespread ones, while Q-switched lasers do a great job on individual dark spots), and if there are other issues you’d like to address as well, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Sun spots are sometimes only one symptom of sun damaged skin, which can also manifest as concerns like dryness, texture, and an overall aged, weathered look. Our cosmetic physicians can assess your treatment area to help you come up with a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs.

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