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Thinking about getting Botox? Read up on this popular wrinkle-fighting treatment

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Botox treatments have become one of the country’s most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years. Everyone, from celebrities and TV personalities to regular people who just want to reverse the signs of aging, have opted for the effective, minimally-invasive technique.

Just the word “Botox” can bring up images of glamour, Hollywood and camera-ready skin. But just because most people have heard of the procedure doesn’t mean that they really know what it’s all about. If you are thinking about getting Botox yourself, learning a little bit more about the treatment might be a great way to ease into it.

For example, did you know that the solution is made up of a protein that comes from bacteria? According to Canadian Living, this neurotoxin is found in spoiled food and can be harmful when eaten. However, injecting it into your facial muscles simply weakens them temporarily, and that’s how Botox smooths out wrinkles.

The procedure has been around for 50 years, but it wasn’t always used for its beautifying qualities. Instead, it was once a treatment for migraines, Graves’ disease, crossed eyes, cerebral palsy or uncontrollable blinking.

When cosmetic specialists began using it to reduce facial imperfections, the treatment exploded with popularity. After all, no one – not even an A-list celebrity – is safe from the effects of aging on the skin.

“People smile, and wrinkles remain where they are, whereas the skin bounces back when people are young,” physician Alastair Curruthers told the news source.

Everyone from Jenny McCarthy and Sharon Osbourne to David Hasselhoff and Simon Cowell has touted the positive effects of the procedure, according to the Orange County Register.

The relative painlessness and speedy process have helped recommend the procedure, which involves the patient sitting upright in a chair while the doctor disinfects the areas to be injected. He or she then administers the Botox two to four times to each area, depending on how many wrinkles are present, reports.

The results are seen in as little as three days, after which time your skin will appear smoother, younger and more elastic. The effects lasts up to four months, and 80 percent of patients report satisfaction with the improvements they see, according to the source.

So if you think Botox may be right for you, why not visit your local medical spa and discuss the procedure with an expert? A qualified skin care specialist can help send you on your way to achieving beautiful, wrinkle-free skin.