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Two Liposuction Techniques That Target Fat Cells

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As most of you already know, liposuction is a perfect way to permanently remove small amounts of fat because it completely removes the fat cells in the treated area(s). Therefore, just one liposuction procedure yields lifelong results. Occasionally, patients ask us at Reflections Center in New Jersey just how much fat can be removed at a time. They have heard stories about 5-10 liters of fat being removed and patients “losing” 20 or more pounds of fat through liposuction.

First of all, it’s important to understand that liposuction is not a weight reduction method.  Although anywhere from one liter up to three liters of fat can be removed, depending upon the patient’s body composition, weight distribution, age, etc, we think it’s unwise to remove more than three liters at one time. Further, the limitation of amount of fat removed is directly correlated to the amount of tumescent anesthesia a patient can tolerate. Everybody has their own limit as to how much is enough for one procedure.

We love laser liposuction for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s so patient-oriented. Traditional liposuction is great for the surgeon, inasmuch as they don’t have to talk to you, worry about being particularly gentle (after all, you’re under anesthesia in a traditional lipo procedure) and it’s a very fast procedure for the surgeon. Laser lipo gives smoother results, less bruising, quicker recovery and has no anesthesia risks.