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Waging war against cellulite? You’re not alone

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Take a look at your legs. Are you happy with them? If you’re a woman, chances are the answer is “not really” and it may be because of an evil little thing called cellulite. There’s a reason why this condition is often compared to cottage cheese, since it tends to have a dimpled, bumpy appearance that is not as bathing suit-friendly as most ladies would like. Caused by an irregular distribution of fat, it is most often found on the thighs, but can also affect the buttocks and abdomen.

Nearly 90 percent of women have cellulite, which has little to do with eating healthy and exercising, although it may be more noticeable in those who are overweight. The condition arises from the decreasing elasticity of collagen and connective tissue that occurs with age. When we grow older, fat cells tend to swell, grow larger and move up into the lower dermis, where our oil and sweat glands originate.

Not even celebrities can avoid cellulite. Recently, The Stir featured photographs of R&B singer Alicia Keys, actress Cameron Diaz, Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole and teen “it girl” Selena Gomez, all displaying less-than-perfect thighs.

Recently, actress Jenna Fischer mentioned to Entertainment Online that the major downfall of her otherwise easy pregnancy is severe cellulite.

So what can be done about this annoying condition? Some people believe that changing their diets will get rid of it. Consequently, they reduce their sodium intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and consume lots of protein in the form of eggs, fish and tofu.

Although these are healthy behaviors to adopt, unfortunately there is no magic menu that can tighten the skin on the legs.

Most women who want better-looking thighs turn to treatments like Thermage. This technique relies on radiofrequency energy to heat affected areas, enhancing collagen synthesis and improving blood flow to smooth the surface of the legs.

The procedure is safe, effective and only takes an hour or two to complete. No anesthesia is required for this comfortable process, and patients are free to return to their everyday activities after leaving the medical spa.

Few people’s legs are perfect, but smoothing out the skin and improving its appearance can go a long way toward boosting women’s confidence this summer.