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Suffering from the water bottle effect? Fraxel laser treatment can help.

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Most folks in New Jersey know that drinking lots of water is great for your health and your skin. But, if you drink that water from a bottle, you could be creating crease lines around your lips. Think of it…if you drink four bottles of water at roughly 35 sips per bottle that’s 140 times a day that you’re pursing your lips and then relaxing them. Drink a lot of water (and get a little older) and you’ll start to notice perpendicular creases surrounding your lips.

As kids, we all heard our Moms say, “Keep doing that with your face and it will get stuck that way.” Turns out that in this case she was right. At Reflections, we see people from across New Jersey who are suffering from water bottle-caused creases and lines around their lips. Fortunately, we have several ways to reduce and even eliminate those lines.

Fraxel laser treatment is a very effective way to treat lines and wrinkles around the lips. Fraxel laser treatment works by removing older, damaged skin. It also works under the surface of the skin to help create collagen which tightens the skin to make it look younger.

Of the several Fraxel laser treatment types, Fraxel Re:Pair is the most effect around the lips and it works very well for people with lighter skin. Most patients require just one treatment and will notice improvement almost immediately with the results continuing to improve for the next four to six months.  We also use Dermal Fillers like Belotero Balance to help fill in the vertical lines in the lips. Along with Fraxel, this makes for a terrific one-two punch for banishing water bottle lips.

Give up the water bottle for good, and the effects of Fraxel laser treatment can last for many years.

As the Scottish sing at New Years, “Drink a cup of kindness, yet.” At Reflections we say drink from a cup all year long because it is especially kind to your lips.